Love Me Jeje

You’ve got to love Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who taught us to teach people how to love . He was special – a man with the world, but for sure, not of this world. Love Me Jeje , Love Me Tender how to Love teaching others.

Now where might one begin? How does one teach the young man in this video clip (see below) to love? Do you dance in front of him and tell him to love you tenderly? Sing a hymn, say some prayers, and accept death? Or do you play some tricks to slow him down while you die slowly?

Love, in Dr. King’s terms, seems the only folly that makes sense to counter a baseless hatred. But then, again, how does one apply it in the face of death?

BTW, according to the modern criminal justice playbook, this man ought to be arrested. Was he?

Share your thoughts. It might help someone. How would you invoke love in the face of hatred and in this your one-life-to-live?

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SOURCEAfrogist Media
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