The Hidden Revelations About Christmas


Christmas is the biggest holiday celebration of the year. A period set aside in honour of Jesus Christ’s birth. As Bible-believing Christians, we trust that we have an accurate account of Jesus’s birth. However, we just don’t believe in the idolatry of it. But, we believe that learning the truth about our faith and why we serve whom we serve is what’s most important. Hence let’s dive into the hidden revelations about Christmas. 

Is Christmas significant to Christ’s birthday? Was Christ born on December 25th? Did the apostles who knew Jesus and were taught by Him celebrate His birthday on December 25th? Did they ever celebrate it? Why do so many non-believers observe Christmas if it was a Christian holiday? The answers to this are astonishing facts that may shock you, nevertheless keep an open mind. 

According to the catholic encyclopedia, Christmas comes from an old English word, “Cristes Maesse”, meaning Christ’s mass. Mass here is a Catholic ritual. The Roman Catholic heavily influences this event. 

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How Christmas Started

Before the coming of Christ, many Europeans would celebrate an event called Winter Solstice, which usually took place around December. However, this celebration had something to do with the pagan sun god. You are probably wondering how pagan rituals or events got mixed with Christianity. It all started when the Roman emperor Constantine of the Catholic church converted from paganism to Roman Catholicism. After converting, he Christianized the empire, which still consisted of pagans.

His conversion was far from possible to make them ditch their original belief, so he incorporated several pagan holidays to pique their interests. What a better way to get people to convert to your religion. However, Pope Julius, I was the person who chose December 25th as Christmas. 

Myths About Christmas

#1 The wise men led by the star went to the manger to see baby Jesus.

hidden revelations about christmas
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It is essential to understand the wise men are not the same as the Shepherds, as rightly stated in Luke 2. Hence the wise men did not go to see Jesus in the manger. Was Jesus born in the manger? YES, but after Christ’s birth, the angel of the Lord appeared to the Shepherds on the field to inform them. The Shepherds then went to Bethelem to visit baby Jesus at the manger. On the other hand, the wise men saw Christ at the house, according to Matthew 2:11, which was after Christ left the manger. This means the nativity celebration we are used to seeing at this time of the year is unnecessary. 

By now, you must know that not the stars but the angels led the Shepherds; likewise, the wise men did not visit Jesus at the manger but at the house.

#2 Christ was born on December

hidden revelations about christmas
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Perhaps you’ve read or heard that Christmas isn’t the date for christ’s birthday, but the truth is that we can’t figure out when Christ was born. Luke 2:8 reads that the Shepherds watched their flocks overnight in the fields. December is one of the coldest months of the year; people don’t sleep outside at this time. Meaning even shepherds are locked indoors while their sheep are in the barns. This outrightly proves that Jesus couldn’t have been born in winter. 

In Luke 3:21-23, we learn that Jesus was baptized at thirty years. Not far from this period, there was a Passover, John 2:13. Besides, Passover is an annual event that starts at the beginning of spring, around March. This, however, indicates that it might have been in the early fall, perhaps September, which is nearly six months after Passover. Even the Catholic Encyclopedia confirms this fact. Nevertheless, if God wished that we observe and celebrate christ’s birth, His birthday would not be a mystery.

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The essence of these hidden revelations about Christmas is not to spur criticism; instead, it is to expose us to the facts behinds the customs and traditions we are by default accustomed to. In whatever season you choose to celebrate Christ, be it Easter or Christmas, be sure you are doing it genuinely. Do you still believe Christ was born on December 25th? Please share with us in the comment section. Happy holidays from Afro Gist Media team!

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