When disease outbreaks happen like in the case of Covid-19, everybody goes in a panic mode. Some of us may be living in places that are hard stricken, others know a friend or a relative who may have contracted the virus. Some have lost their loved ones, or have been quarantined. And social distancing has become our new normal.

Nobody knows what this novel virus may play out on us. People have lost their jobs, governments are broke and the global economy has weakened. The news that are gracing our screens is frightening enough to trigger anxiety and fear.

But the good news is, you can overcome this. And below are surefire tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety during the covid19 pandemic. Read on!

  1. Limit the Time you Spent Online Racking Up Covid-19 Updates

While it’s good to stay informed on stories unfolding globally, reading more information online can make you more worried. Try to limit also the time you get super-glued on the screen or spend social media.

The less information you consume online about coronavirus, the lower your stress level. However, make sure you follow the set guidelines to help prevent contracting the disease.

2. Stay Busy

Sometimes when the mind is idle, you tend to think about one thing over and over again. It’s human nature and you can’t help it. One proven tactic for fighting anxiety is keeping your mind engaged.  

However, try as much as possible not to focus on one thing all day. Try to blend your daily activities with fun activities to make your time more fun.

3. Stay Positive

In life, there are things you can’t have control of. For instance, you can’t control the number of infections other than you stay home and applying precautionary measures. While it can be scary, it is also wise to know that you cannot do much about it. Don’t allow your mind to be a battlefield.

Though at times the fear of the unexpected may overwhelm you, the best you can do to yourself is to stay positive and keep the hope alive. No matter what the situation is, there is to be content. Be optimistic things will get better with time.

4. Catch Enough Sleep

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body and before you notice it you are fighting insomnia. Not having enough sleep can impact your immunity and overall body health. If possible catch a nap during the day and help your body relax.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. While it’s a good idea to stay busy, it’s also healthy to set some time to worry. However, don’t spend too long thinking about the same thing over and over again.

To overcome the urge of going on deep thoughts, simply grab a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all your worries and your fears about covid-19.

Once you are done, go out and close your eyes while chanting these words “from today, I let these awful thoughts depart, I cast out all these painful thoughts out, and I deem them dead”.

After chanting, open your eyes and throw away the paper. This would help you forget those awful moments and fight your fears.

6. Avoid Diagnosing Yourself

If things get out of hand, don’t diagnose yourself. Even if you have battled anxiety before, avoid buying excessive over the counter drugs without prescription. Taking medications without a doctor’s consultation can make the situation worse. Talk to a mental health practitioner to get a professional help.

Wrapping Up

It’s a frightening time and it’s easy to succumb to fear. But the fact that you live in a region that has recorded covid-19 cases does not mean you will get infected. The most important thing is to observe the precaution guidelines and keep your health in check. Do not let fear and anxiety overwhelm you.

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