Thursday News Highlights


The Confederation of African Football is gearing up for June

The referee from all 33 participating African nations gathered at Morocco last week undergoing training in preparation for the June Total Africa Cup of Nations taking place in Cairo, Egypt.

According to their press release, there has been some amendments to the rules of the game which are expected to go into effect starting June 1st. It has also been

reported that a technology called “Video Assistant Referee (VAR)” will be used in these upcoming sessions.


United States and Iran Relationship Is Sour Still

It’s not news anymore that these duo nations don’t get along and aren’t pretending to. It was reported last week that the US is augmenting its pressure campaign on Iran nuclear position, thus dispatched warships to area. It’s reportedly in a defense stance in the Middle East  in preparation to combat Iran’s aggression in the region. The news

report documents Iranians still dislike any US attempts on their oil dealings.


State of Lawlessness in Nigerian Northern States.

Killings and mayhem are now reported nonstop in the Northern parts of Nigeria. It’s the ISIS/terrorists hideout, and the center where constant religious; hate-based killings often occur. Zaria law and its penalty is sharper there.

More than a decade old fight between Fulani cattle rearers and cash crop farmers in the region is still ongoing, and lately, all kinds of sporadic killings and kidnapping are reportedly mapped to the region.


The Ruling Party of South Africa  Wins Election

The South Africa ruling party, and the party of Nelson Mandela, ANC, is predicted to win the 2019 May 8 election. Given the legacy of his predecessor, Jacob Zuma, and the narrative of the opposition groups around the issue of corruption and overall ineptness, President Cyril Ramaphosa is predicted to struggle and win with narrow margins.


Ethnic Fights In Ethiopia Killed Many

Two of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia have been at it for a while now. Last week the Gumuz and Amhara ethnic groups clashed again killing 23 people, and injuring about 80. The clash was reportedly over land disputes followed by planned retaliation for previous killing.

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