Ebola, a deadly virus that is contagious through contact with body fluids of infected persons, damages the internal organs leading to bleeding, and finally death. There are now proves that it can be cured.

The disease has taken thousands of lives in D.R. Congo and also spread to some West African countries. While other West African countries have been able to curtail the spread to a large extent, D.R. Congo is yet to find a lasting solution to stop recurrence of the disease.

However, there seem to be reprieve for infected individuals with the news that clinical trials of some drugs have produced positive results, reducing mortality rate significantly. For instance, on Monday August 10 2019, the D.R. Congo’s National Institute of Health and World Health Organization declared that the recovery rate of infected individuals given the experimental treatment was high.

Two drugs made tremendous impact in curing Ebola after being administered immediately on infected people: they are (i) Monodonal antibody, known as mAb114, which reduced death rate to 11%, and (ii) a product of a pharmaceutical company called Regeneron which also reduced death rate to 6%.

It is hoped that with these breakthrough clinical trials, Ebola will be cured in a not too distant future.

SOURCEAfroGist Media
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