When someone mentions ‘workouts,’ the first thing most people think about, is the gym. But what about home workouts? Are home workouts effective as a gym? Can home workouts help you burn as many calories or build more muscles compared to going to the gym? Well, the simple answer to this is ‘YES.’

While a gym membership offers one access to better equipment, home workouts can as well be effective. If you lack gym membership fees or you are not comfortable working out while being watched by others, home workouts are ideal in this case. You can definitely achieve your workout goals with home workouts even if you lack the necessary gym equipment. You could for instance do pull-ups, push-ups, or leg presses. These workout methods require no equipment. All you need is discipline. There are also tons of free home workout apps that can guide you in your home workout journey.

It’s however important to know the pros and cons of working out at home vs the gym. This will help you better decide on which method works best for you.

Pros of Working Out at Home

Are home workouts as effective as gym?

Monthly gym fees are not required. If your budget is tight, then working out at home can greatly help save the money you’d otherwise spend on a monthly gym membership.

It’s more convenient and flexible. With home workouts, you don’t have to go through traffic to the gym. You simply do it in your house. It can also save you time if you’re a busy person.

It offers more workout options to choose from. Compared to gyms where you have to use the gym equipment or hire a trainer, home workouts offer more workout options. You could for instance use a workout app, watch a workout YouTube video, or Livestream workout classes.

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Cons of Working Out at Home

One may easily feel less motivated or bored. Since most people do their workouts while alone at home, one may feel less motivated or bored after a while. You may also start to make excuses or get distracted after a few days of working out at home. Being in a gym means other people will be watching you. You are more likely to put more effort into working out in a gym as compared to working out alone at home.

You may lack enough space to work out. If your home space is confined, you may find it hard to properly work out. If you lack open areas such as backyards or extra rooms, then working out may be extremely challenging and you may risk getting injured.

Since there are no gym instructors, injuries may occur. There are no instructors at home and hence one may easily get injured if they don’t know the correct form of working out.

Pros of Gym Workouts

Access to better workout equipment. A gym gives you access to equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, barbells, etc. It’s expensive and space consuming to have such equipment at home.

A gym helps you better stick to workout routines. It’s easier to create a habit of working out at the gym than at home. You may for instance do it after work or after dropping your kids at school every day.

Fewer distractions at the gym compared to home. At the gym, you’re more likely to meet other gym members who are also working out. However, at home, you may encounter distractions such as catering to your kids or doing laundry.

You’ll be motivated to use your money well. Since you paid for your gym membership with your hard-earned money, you wouldn’t want it going to waste, right? This will make you more motivated and dedicated to working out.

You may meet a workout buddy. Working out with a buddy is way much more fun than working out alone. A buddy you meet at the gym will increase your motivation for working out and you’ll never skip a workout day.

Cons of Gym Workouts

Travelling to the gym daily may lower your morale. Traveling daily to a gym and encountering traffic may lower one’s morale of working out.

One may feel awkward or confused using the equipment for the first time. If you’re slightly new to the gym, you may feel awkward or confused about how to use the gym equipment.

Gym membership fees may be expensive. Compared to working out at home which costs nothing, gym membership fees may be high and prevent one from working out.

For introverts, working out in the presence of others may be difficult. If you are an introvert and love alone time, you may find it draining to work out in the presence of so many people around you at the gym.

Bottom Line

Working out is extremely vital and there should be no excuses for why you shouldn’t work out. The above pros and cons of gyms vs home workouts should help you see which method suits you. Which one do you prefer… home workouts or gyms? Share your preferred method in the comment section below.


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