Mental health is significant now more than ever because we live in extreme chaos. It is prudent to look after your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Emotional, psychological, and social well-being are vital tenets of stable mental health.

So, how do you take care of your well-being? We get distracted from our jobs, projects, relationships, and bills. Often, we forget to monitor our wellness both physically and mentally. It is essential to know when to pause and intentionally put yourself first. Here are five practical ways to aid you in taking care of your mental health.

Stop Worrying Much

It is easier said than done, but it takes some deliberate action to achieve this. Extreme worrying and stressing, if not mitigated, can lead to depression. So, why do we people worry a lot? Because every person responds differently to stressful situations.

However, you can stop worrying. Simply by focusing on what you can control and avoiding what you have no power or control over. When it comes to your thoughts, actions, decisions, and how you take care of yourself, you are in total control of these. On the contrary, what others say, do, feel or the past choices and even tomorrow, you have no control over these.

The perfect cure for worrying is to only pay attention to things you can control and avoid stressing over those you have no control over.

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Exercise! Exercise!

Physical activity is tremendously beneficial to your mental health stability. Besides keeping you physically healthy and fit, exercise boosts your energy and mood levels. Participating in any physical activity reduces stress levels and enhances your sleep pattern.

Exercising also enables you to set goals and achieve them: reducing negative moods, stress, and anxiety results in having a good mental state.

Appraise Your Social Network

People we associate with can either make or break us. It can be family or friends, but there should be no excuse to keep them if they are detrimental to your mental health.

Try to evaluate the kind of value your family members and friends add to your life. In the event, you establish that some members in your social network bring toxic energy, then consider cutting them off. Any interaction should create value, strive to add value to others and look to get the same energy and love you put out.

Setting out to do good and treat people with love and respect while getting the opposite is unhealthy. Ensure that you have healthy people around you. This is the key to having an excellent mental health and support system.

Learn a New Skill

Learning does not involve signing up for a formal course, but it is a commitment to acquire new skills. It can be baking, cooking, DIY projects, painting, or video editing. Any skill that you could fancy is what you ought to learn.

Learning a new skill contributes to your mental well-being. The process creates a sense of fulfillment, and as a result, improves your self-esteem.

Learning also brings new people into your life. Often picking up on a new skill means that you will consult those who are already experts in the field. This process not only creates a sense of purpose and belonging but it helps you connect with others.

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Acts of Generosity & Kindness

The power of giving to others cannot be underestimated. Giving creates a sense of fulfillment and joy. When others feel joyful and grateful because of your actions, it positively impacts your mental well-being.

Make a plan to volunteer in your local community, and help where needed. Act of kindness, the joy of touching others positively, comes back to you in the same way and magnitude. The karmic law asserts that whatever you put forth finds its way back to you. Therefore, strive to do good, help others, and spread love, and these efforts will not go in vain.

Avoid self-sabotage to your mental health by putting out negative energy and intentions. In due time, these negative actions and choices will come back to haunt you and mess up your mental health immensely.


In addition to the above tips, consider getting enough sleep. Sleep will not be an issue once you find a physical activity that you enjoy and that you are doing frequently and vigorously. However, set a priority list, practice journaling, and plugin motivation and positivity.

It takes an outstanding level of intentionality to achieve a state of mental well-being. Please note when you let the chaos into your mind, it will reflect on what you do and set out to achieve. Prioritize looking after your mental health; this is the first step to enhancing your productivity and growth in 2022 and beyond.

Your turn: How do you take care of your mental health? Share your thought in the comment section below.

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