“My Advice To Single Christians” —Pastor E.A Adeboye


Pastor E.A. Adeboye advises single Christians.

My beloved daughters in the Lord, don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam and Eve, he gave him a job, and that job was to manage and keep the garden.

So don’t mind men that come to you and say, “sister, thus saith the Lord, you are going to be the star of the Lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament”.

Until you find out what he does and his vision, don’t marry or settle down with him.

A man needs to have a steady income before he can think of marriage because it is the duty of a man to provide for the family, so he has to have a steady source of income.

Brothers, don’t marry Delilah because she will destroy you. Don’t marry because of beauty, because always fades, and the bible made it clear to us in Proverb 31:30 that beauty is vain.

So, that beautiful, angelic lady you are going after because of her beauty is going to grow old someday, and her beauty will fade away.

Don’t marry outside the church because it is better to be single than to get married to the devil.

Don’t ever think that you marry someone and they change the person because you can’t change a person against his or her will.

Be mindful of who you are settling down with because marriage is a forever thing, so be careful.

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