3 Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Are Hard To Keep


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The holidays are formally over, which means it’s time to get back to work. Every New year, quite a lot of people want to start on a clean slate. By now, chances are you’ve set your resolutions, some of which can be career, health, or financial goals. But the question remains if you will be able to keep them. However, in this article, we’ll talk about 3 reasons why New year resolutions are hard to keep because the actual task remains the execution of whatever goals you’ve got outlined. 

Sometimes our inability to stick with resolutions is based on the deep guilt we feel when we miss a couple of days doing nothing about the set goals. We feel like we’ve let ourselves down, making it difficult to get back on the horse. This is why by mid-February when the year’s activities kick in properly, most people already feel disappointed enough that they just avoid resolutions altogether. 

Many of us set resolutions or have set them in the past. Research shows that less than 20% of new year resolutions get achieved. Resolutions can be a range of self stories and promises we make to ourselves, but more often than not, it is challenging to see our goals to the end. 

Here are the 3 reasons why New Year Resolutions are hard to keep and some actionable tips to aid you to stay plugged in.

1. Your Goals are Not Realistic or Specific Enough.

“I want to grow my finance.” This can be saving or investing more and spending less. However, Talk is cheap. Wanting to grow your finance is an incredible mission but not specific enough for a goal. The goal may currently seem unrealistic, probably because of your present financial status and the habit you want to change. Just like the universe, the brain responds to specificity. The vision is blurry when there is no clear plan for a particular task or action. At this rate, the mind can’t tell what success looks like, making it easier to get distracted and unmotivated. 

New year resolution hard to keep
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Actionable Tip:

Being specific and realistic is vital if you successfully execute your New year resolutions. Develop visualized representation of what success looks like. For instance, if you want to grow your finances. What does that mean? Do you want to focus on tracking, budgeting, saving, or investing? If the option is saving, how many times in a week will this be done?  

Create SMART goals and put in the work. Trust God to handle the rest.

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2. Little or No Accountability

Being responsible for a particular action or person can be somewhat overwhelming. Working with a support system or an accountability partner can guarantee the right energy to accomplish more. Success in anything is no rocket science; we will achieve results if we follow recommended techniques. Rather than staying in an environment that breeds negativity and sap energy, stay connected with those who are willing to elevate and encourage you especially in dark times.

new year resolution hard to keep
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Actionable Tip:

Get an accountability partner who is supportive and reliable when it comes to tracking your goals. Sometimes it might be best to ride with someone who is heading to the same destination. Schedule a weekly or monthly check-in. If it requires publicly committing the goals to a mentor or someone that cannot be let down. Head on! 

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3. Focus Gradually Diminishes

Say you commit to going on a new adventure each month, which is an excellent resolution. In January, you go skateboarding, fantastic! February, you head out for skydiving, great work! But then things get pretty thick and busy, life gets a hold on you, and suddenly the vibe begins to drop, and focus diminishes. Statistics show that 23% of people forget about their resolutions. Forget!

new year resolution hard to keep
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Actionable Tip:

Writing and placing your goal where you can regularly review them can play a part in keeping you grounded. Setting a reminder or using sticky notes helps in tracking the actual task for that day or week. Habit tracking can be a great asset to igniting your focus and ultimately achieving your New year’s resolutions.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that there is no one size fits all approach. There are probably tons of tips and strategies around setting a New Year Resolution. But one thing that can never be false is: finding what works and leveraging it. Insanity is repeating the same step countless times and expecting a different result. Self-reflection cannot be overemphasized because this is the point where you get familiar with your identity as an individual. Above all, commit your resolutions to God and watch Him do wonders with your life.

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