Okay 2021 is here. While we are still working on getting over all that happened in 2020, the waves of challenges are still a force to deal with. The year 2020 went from a very promising year during the first two months to becoming the year no one will forget in hurry. 

The worst of the pandemic may have ended, but it has left many people in worse shapes than they have ever been. Many families have lost valuable members and many businesses have shut down. People’s physical and mental health has taken a turn for the worse.

A poll conducted recently by Gallup revealed that the mental health of many Americans has dropped to the lowest ebb since 2001. Even now, many can’t wait to see the long and short hands of the clock meet at 12 on New Year’s Eve.

But no matter how bad 2020 has been, it has given us some of the most valuable lessons we could ever learn. 2020 has opened our eyes to appreciate things we had earlier overlooked. It has tripped the rich and shaken the poor.

5 Dos For a Successful 2021

With the discovery of two vaccines for the virus, 2021 looks quite promising. Despite what you have lost or are struggling to hold on to, you can have it all back in 2021. You just have to set the cards right. Here are five things that can help you do that.

  1. Set Realistics Goals 
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This is different from your new year’s resolution. For a successful 2021, you have to set realistic goals. Goals create a clear path for you to walk on and without them, the road remains fuzzy and blurry.

It may interest you to know that despite the pandemic, some people could boldly say that 2020 was their greatest year. This is the handiwork of having a realistic and specific one-year goal. It helps you to knock down obstacles and give you the strength to plow through. 

  1. Set your Priorities Straight

Without a clear priority, anything goes. And if anything goes, you may not be privy to when success joins the queue. Identify what means the most to you and place them high on the metaphorical ladder in your head and heart.

Decide which one comes first- family, business, friends, or health, etc. Knowing for instance that your family comes first, will help you say no to some tempting offers.

  1. Embrace Opportunities

The strange thing about opportunities is that it often doesn’t give you a heads up about its arrival. What will distinguish you in 2021 is your ability to stay prepared and ready to embrace opportunities no matter how and when they come.

Your reaction to a single connection, job, or information can change the course of your entire life. Therefore, start now to prepare for that stage so that when it comes calling, you wouldn’t miss out due to stage fright.

  1. Continue Working Hard
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Unless you are hoping to win a lottery which has next to zero probability, then working hard in 2021 is a must. Success as you know by now only comes to those who work hard and smart.

Whether it is in your business, academic, career, or marriage, hard work is one of the ingredients for success. So irrespective of how discouraging it may look right now, keep pushing, the cloud truly does have a silver lining.

  1. Keep Learning

Motivational speakers always say once you stop learning, you start dying for a reason- it’s true. Learning helps to keep your brain active and opens you up to the various information you need to be successful in your endeavor.

So no matter how busy 2021 may be, always find time to learn something new. An additional knowledge you acquire in your business can make all the difference.

5 Don’ts For a Successful 2021

These are the five things you should try not to do for a successful 2021.

  1. Live Without a Purpose
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Purpose is what adds a spring to your step and excitement to your routine. It is the reason you wake up with a smile every morning. Living without a purpose in 2021 is the surest way to have an unproductive year. 

Different people have different purposes. So discover yours and make it your number one priority in 2021.

  1. Remain in Your Comfort Zone

The success of your 2021 lies in your decision to step out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is any place that gives you a false sense of arrival. It strangles your ambitions and discourages you from stepping out.

Leaving your ensconce will never be a walk in the park, but knowing that every step is leading to a higher plain makes the difference. This is where having a goal comes in handy. It makes the journey exciting and worth every challenge in between.

  1. Lose Hope

The loss of hope is one of the greatest contributors to depression. With the loss of so many jobs and businesses during the pandemic, getting back on your feet may prove to be much harder than you think. 

But no matter how hard the journey may be, you must clutch your hope to your chest like you would a lifesaver. Losing your hope marks the beginning of the end unless you take steps to find it again.

  1. Become Pessimistic

A study conducted in 2019, revealed that optimists enjoy an 11% to 15% increase in their life span over that of pessimists. This is despite their health conditions, economic status, or mental health.

Choosing pessimism over optimism in 2021 may be the biggest mistake you will ever make. Optimism doesn’t require you to pretend that those challenges are inexistent.  Rather it challenges you to make the right decisions while hoping for the best results.

  1. Blame Others for your Failure
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Understand that your success or failure solely lies in your hands. Irrespective of the incidents that led up to your failure, no one is to be blamed. Accept responsibility for your actions and move on. Realize also that what you often call failure is success disguised. This will help you embrace these experiences as a stepping stone for a higher level.

A Final Word

Despite what you lost in the pandemic year, 2021 is giving you a clean slate to work on. You only need to have a clear picture of the masterpiece you wish to draw on this canvas. And living by these five dos and don’ts will help you position yourself for success in the coming year

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