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Afro hair myths debunked- Afro-hair rocks and is elegant. But there are myths that surround curly and Afro-hair that we have believed for so long and came to realize it was all lies. Some are even holding to these myths and believe they are true. But today, I’m going to help debunk some of these big myths. Please stick with me.

Afro Hair Is Strong, And The Braids Need To Be Tight

Braiding afro hair can protect the hair from the summer heat and help promote growth. While afro hair can withstand a lot of manipulation, some braiding styles cause breakage, and before some notice it, the hairline is stripped of hair. Always make sure your braids are not too tight.

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Dry Hair Requires Grease And Oil


Greasing your hair clogs the follicles, making it hard to absorb nutrients. And this is what most people believe till to date. What dry hair needs is hydration with water-based products like leave-in conditioners. Always apply oil on top to lock in moisture and minimize drying.

Mid Shaft Of Your Hair Is Prone To Breakage And Needs More Care


Hair breakage cannot be solely based on mid-shaft care. Just like our skin, the scalp needs to be taken care of to keep the hair nourished. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Roots and scalp care are key to length retention.

All Shampoos Are Good For Cleaning Your Hair

Most salons use shampoos to wash their hair, but this does not mean it is the only thing that can clean your hair. You may have received advice from your friends when your hair gets itchy; you should clean it with shampoo. Opting for other options like sulphate free shampoos in-between hair length can help minimize mid shaft stripping.  

No Need To Cut Your Hair When Trying To Grow It


Failing to trim your hair slows down growth, and eventually, the ends start breaking, reducing its length. Trimming your hair is one of the best practices for growing your hair fast. Even healthy hair requires trimming from time to time to make it more voluminous and promote growth.

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No Need To Try Different Hair Care Routine Once You Have Mastered Your Hair

Just like our skin, you will need to change your hair care routine to match your hair. Sticking to one routine that you think works for you may not be effective all the time. Weather conditions do change, and you need to know the right measures to take and switch to keep your hair protected.

Coconut Oil Is The Only Way To Moisturize Your Hair


Coconut oil is great for locking in moisture, but if you have dry and brittle hair, using it instead of water-based products will cause breakage and make hair less elastic. Always balance moisturizer and protein-based treatments to keep the hair balanced.

What are some of the biggest Afro-hair myths you have heard and have believed? Feel free to share.

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