How to Get Organized — A 21st Century Guide


In our world today, ideas are in short supply, and everything seems to be diminishing at a rapid rate.

But the only resource that’s genuinely in short supply is time.

Everyone has twenty-four hours in a day. And if you’re honest, 24 hours is not enough.

You’ve got to take commute to work daily, reply to your emails, make those calls, and answer to your boss.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re looking for how to progress in your career, then you should be praying to the time god to add some additional hours in a day so you could get everything done.

Yes, time is in short supply!

That’s how it has been, and that’s how it will always be. It’s not changing anytime soon.

It’s the hard truth, but you’ve got to brace yourself up for what’s ahead.

To first (and most important) step to effectively manage your time is by knowing how to get organized.

Successful entrepreneurs and business people lead a super busy life.

However, they seem to know how to find peace and orderliness in their seemingly chaotic lives.


Because they understand the fundamental principle — organizing one’s life is the key to get more work done.

Being organized is a skill. And you’ve got to learn it by constant practice.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

1. Get Your Morning Organized

How you spend your morning is an indication of how you’d spend your day.

First off, you’ve got to make your bed, put your clothes in order, and have a healthy breakfast.

Also, your phone should be fully charged. Your working papers and every item you’d need in the day should be adequately placed.

2. Use Your Time Effectively

Time is one irreplaceable resource. If you lose it, then it’s lost — no going back.

One of the telltale signs of a productive day is seen in how well you organize your time.

Get more work done by organizing your time.

3. Your emails — Don’t let it distract you

If you genuinely want to take control of the day and minimize the amount of time you spend on your email, then don’t let it distract you.

To maximize your productivity, you’ve got to develop a working system that’d help you organize your emails.

For starters, you should block out three times each day to reply to your emails. And these periods should be thirty minutes.

With this system, you’d be able to reply to your emails without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Your desk and workspace — keep it organized

If your desk is clustered, then you’d probably fail in the long run. Also, don’t keep your workspace clustered.

When your workspace and desk are correctly arranged, then you’re sure of excelling at your work.

An organized workspace is the secret recipe for success.

5. Focus on what’s important and create time for yourself

There are thousands of things to be done in a day. And not every one of these tasks is important. If you want to get more things done, you should learn to focus on the important stuff.

Furthermore, you should create quality time for yourself.

Time for oneself would help you regain your vitality and boost your productivity in the long run.

Staying organized is the new gold mine. And by applying these five simple tips, you’d be able to achieve more in less time.

Have you developed a system that helps you stay organized and get more work done?

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