Keeping the Sabbath; Is It Still Applicable to Today’s Christians?


If you still do not believe that Christ nailed to the cross the law of Moses and every other law in the old testament that requires rituals and sacrifice, this article is for you. Likewise, this article is for you if you still think Christians should observe the Sabbath despite knowing that the new covenant points us to salvation and sanctification. In this case, you might need to follow through to understand the dynamics of observing the sabbath.

Observing the sabbath has been a contention between those that embrace the mosaic law and the present-day Christians. The bible is clear on this, as the Sabbath symbolizes the covenant between God and the Israelites. The word sabbath means “rest.” Rest here does not mean taking a nap after a rigorous workout session. It means putting a halt to all activity whatsoever.

However, God did not rest on the seventh day because he was tired, but he completed all creations. Besides, Exodus 20:8-11 tells us that the Lord blessed the seventh day, known as Sabbath, and made it holy. The day relates to God’s rest, which is why the day was set apart for a specific purpose. Nevertheless, Christians no longer need to be bound by observing the sabbath, because Christ calls them to rest in him, read Mathew 11:28. Because is he is the Lord over the seventh day and he has the power to provide true rest.

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What Should Be Your Perception About Sabbath?

Observing the sabbath day
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In Genesis, the seventh day was a symbol of God’s rest. It was an assurance to the Israelites that they had time to stop working and suffering from their continuous labor. Despite these religious practices constantly performed in the Jewish era, it was never an absolute attempt to cleanse us from sin. Instead, Christ’s death was what brought total remission of sin. The scripture tells us that the “rest” is for God’s people. Therefore, accepting Christ who is the lord over the sabbath is the true way to salvation.

Take a look and digest this reference; it should erase your doubts about this law, Matthew 12:3-9.

Unlike in the New Testament, Sabbath-breaking was a capital crime. Keeping the Sabbath is indeed no joke because specific laws governed the Sabbath. Some of which were; don’t light fire, there is a limit to distance traveling even by foot, carry nothing except religious items used to worship. In ancient times, breaking these laws was punishable by death, but Jesus excused defaulting these laws to save man. Moreover, christ teaches us that the son of man is Lord over Sabbath, not to serve Sabbath. Christ healed and taught on the seventh day, and all he did gave abundant life.

We can see that the Sabbath isn’t just a day of the week but an expression of what was to come. And that expression is Christ! With Christ came the new covenant, which ended the Sabbath law and the rest of Moses’ laws. The Sabbath was for the Israelites to remember that they were once slaves in Egypt, which was why God commanded them to keep the day in Deuteronomy 5:15 throughout their generation.

Just like the Jews were to honor the Passover on Sabbath, the Christians are supposed to remember the Lord’s death on Sundays. However, observing this day does not make anyone heaven-bound, but resting in Jesus and waiting for his second coming will. We should worship him with our existence because Christ’s sacrifice was for everyone who believed in the New Testament.

A Wrap

According to the Old Testament, this day of rest was a day of holy convocation and assembly. In the New Testament, Christians were not seen observing this moment except to teach and convert people in the synagogue to Christianity. Sabbath celebration ceased with Jesus’ death on the cross, and Sunday was the day we remember his death and resurrection, which brought us eternal life.

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