As you enjoy your time in the sun you want to have this summer grocery list for healthy eating so you can feel and look your best. The most enjoyable part of summer is food. Because you will be surrounded by sugary and fatty foods, it isn’t easy to maintain the summer body you worked so hard for. Nevertheless, don’t fret. We have you covered with the ultimate list of things to purchase and what to avoid when you go grocery shopping in the summer. 

Summer Nutrition Mistakes

Before we dive into our summer grocery list for healthy eating, let’s examine what your nutrition habit is like. If you tend to fall sick more frequently during summer, it’s probably because you’re making common nutrition mistakes. Noting the following mistakes and taking correction will help you build a healthy eating habit for a fit body and mind.

  • Crash diets: the pressure of having the perfect ‘summer body’ drives many into crash diets. These tactics promise fast results but may result in nausea, sluggishness, and headaches.
  • Excess caffeine: the diuretic properties of caffeine make it dehydrating. Too much of it during summer can cause dehydration and headaches.

  • Little eggs, chicken, and fish: people believe these foods can make your body hot so they avoid them in summer. That is false. These foods are great for summer as they are a good source of lean protein.
  • Cold water when you’re just coming from the sun: this may be refreshing but it is not advisable. This will deliver a shock to your body system and may result in digestive issues or sore throat.
  • Cold sugary juices and drinks: these cold shots of sugar will boost your energy immediately but could cause your energy to crash after a while. Avoid sugary drinks and go for fresh fruit juices instead.

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The Ultimate Summer Grocery List For Healthy Eating

Consider avoiding or eliminating the following foods from your shopping list:

Potato salad

No Potato Salad For Healthy Eating

Every summer picnic and barbecue seems to feature delicious potato salad drizzling in mayonnaise. However, eating too much of it can cause a bacteria imbalance and discomfort in your tummy.

Fried clams

You can share some fried clams with friends but making it a meal should be a no-no in summer. You can opt for cooked clams instead of deep-fried as a  healthier choice.

Lobster rolls

Lobster rolls are made of lobsters plus mayonnaise plus buttered white bread. You can skip this 400 calorie meal by separating the good lobster from the other fattening elements.

Ice cream sandwich


A quick slice of pizza will be easy to come by in summer but it is a bad option if you’re concerned about your health. Leave pizza off your summer grocery list for healthy eating if you want to avoid excess sodium and bloating.

Summer Grocery List For Healthy Eating

This delicious treat can easily add 500 calories or more to your daily intake and you don’t need that. You can still enjoy ice-cream if you skip the cookies and pick sugar free options.


Any summer gathering will probably have a cobbler dessert available. Chewing down on tons of blueberry or peach cobbler with ice cream is a sugar overload that you don’t need.

Energy drinks

You can get a temporary boost from energy drinks but they aren’t the healthiest option. You will end up constipated and dehydrated if you overindulge.

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Consider adding these foods to your summer grocery list for healthy eating:


Watermelon for Summer

After a day in the sun, some fresh watermelon will help you cool down. it is low in calories and is 90% water.


Freeze a portion of yogurt and you can have it as you relax at the beach. The protein will satisfy your hunger and keep you from binging on salty and sweet foods.

Iced tea

Packed with many antioxidants and no calories, tea could even help you lose weight. Make your iced tea from green or black tea bags and enjoy chilled.


Salmon is rich in omega 3 and a great lean protein option for summer. This Mediterranean favorite is known to reduce the risk of heart disease.


Summer Grocery List For Healthy Eating

For a healthy snack, nuts are the perfect summer option. Keep some cashews, almonds, and peanuts handy so you don’t turn to junk in between meals.

Corn on the cob

With no salt or butter added, corn on the cob is an excellent source of fiber with low calories. You can grill it or use it in salads.

Grilled chicken kabobs

Low in calories but high in proteins, this is an easy meal to pop on the barbecue. Add some zucchini and other vegetables for an even healthier option.

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How To Stop Craving Unhealthy Foods And Stick To Your Summer Grocery List For Healthy Eating

Craving for sugary and unhealthy foods tends to rise during the summer. Because these foods become more popular during this time, it is important to take your summer grocery list for healthy eating seriously. In addition to that, here are some ways to curb your summer cravings for unhealthy foods.

  • Plan meals: planning each meal ahead of time reduces spontaneity. This way, you’re certain of what you’re eating ahead of time and you can make sure it is a healthy summer option from the list above.
  • Sleep properly: sleep deprivation will affect your daily fluctuation of hormones and can make you feel really hungry when you’re not. Get enough sleep so your body can function properly.
water for summer Healthy Eating
  • Drink lots of water: many people confuse thirst for hunger and end up eating unhealthy as a result. Drinking water before your meal will reduce the portion you take and help you stay fit.

  • Don’t get too hungry: if you allow yourself to get very hungry you will increase the chances of suffering cravings. You can keep healthy snacks handy to avoid this problem during the day.
  • Eat more protein: they will fill you up so there is less space for junk and unhealthy food. A high protein breakfast is a great way to reduce cravings throughout the day.

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The most popular summer foods are very tempting and delicious but might be a health hazard for you. We hope you have learned what to avoid and what to eat from our summer grocery list for healthy eating. Share this list with a friend so you can both maintain your summer body with gladness.

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