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NYC Local Updates -Tuesday 04/16

Trump’s Latest Jabs at the Big Apple:


Presidents Trump does it well-

Any statement to incite division among classes and races, the US is blessed with an expert who does it so well. This expert also happens to currently hold its highest office.

Last week President Trump jabbed at the New York State democrats for garnering more votes to support the dreamers while they struggled on winning votes to support  college tuition for the families of wounded soldiers.

It’s a political arrow shot anytime anyhow hoping it would hit someone and do as much damage as possible.

The truth of the matter is, now and more than ever, people need to dig for facts behind any word any politician say theses days, or risk being blown up, used, and deflated -and yes, in that order!


A Plane Crash at Valley Stream, Long Island Left Three Queens Residents Injured.


3 Queens residents were reported injured yesterday following a plane crash of which two of them were passengers and the third, the pilot. The trio were reportedly under 30 years old heading to an Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island.

Close this Rikers, but Not in My backyard!

The Office of Mayor De Blasio  aims at closing Rikers, and replacing this system of NYC correction with community jails. But so far the community  discourses on where precisely these jail buildings would sit in the neighborhoods have been stages of drama. Community residents of the Bronx had their fight last week, the Brooklyn had theirs on Friday, Queens, at Kew Garden had theirs recently too, it goes on. Where were these protesters all along when the proponents of #closeRikers were at work?


If shutting down jails is as easy as modifying a piece of real estate -say from a Ranch or Colonial to a Stucco, then all would go smoothly and quietly, but it isn’t afterall we are talking jails.


For years, the Mayor has faced serious pressures from criminal justice reformists to close Rikers Island for good, but the question is, where would lawbreakers go?


Interestingly, some of these same ‘Not in My Backyard’ protesters could have been in favor of closing Rikers. People want to eat their cakes, and at the same time, have it. It’s called cognitive hypocrisy; a form of psychological bias.

NYC residents called for Rikers Island to cease from existing, but when the conversation on where to keep repeat offenders like rapists and child molesters- individuals that we can all agree need time away from the rest of the community- people are conflicted. It’s the same irony of life whereby people want to go to heaven, but don’t want to die. We want gold, but can’t stand mining.



NYC Immigrants Heritage Week at Gracie Mansion.

Today, Mayor De Blasio celebrated immigrants heritage at his Gracie Mansion residents. The occasion was greeted by many people who are either immigrants themselves, who are either the first, second or third generation immigrants from everywhere in the world. Many of the attendees are leaders in their communities who have called NYC their home.

Of all the interviewees USAIG spoke to at the event, a reverberating theme was “New York City is a melting pot”; “a diverse community.”

The Mayor who himself is a second generation immigrant of Italian parents said he’s proud for what New York City stands for. He started his speech trying to speak different languages; an attempt that didn’t, expectedly, work out too good.

The event was fun for most attendees who had lots of opportunities to learn other people’s culture and also to network with one another.


Watch a sneak peek video of the event below:



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