Ever thought of what the millionaires think about the rest of us? Well, you should because though the non-wealthy may not be that important in how they define happiness, we are in their focal point when it comes to bringing us together to be spectators for their drama.

And, inside this drama, is where the money making magic happens. It’s where billions of dollars transfer.  

Just as there can’t be a leader without a follower, our understanding of who ‘have’ is relative to who ‘have not.’ But for millionaires, it goes beyond this basic conceptual analysis. We don’t only  know or accept a millionaire because we know who aren’t millionaires and thus make comparison. We know millionaires by one very defining key: their vulnerability. Millionaires can’t be millionaires without the rest of us.

They need us.

They need us -both in gaining the status as well as in maintaining it.

Since they need us, it becomes very important to study us and get to know how we think.

Finding out what the millionaires think about the rest of us is actually easy these days. Just google.
You might find something from this blog:
Blog Tyrant  insisted that being a millionaire is about habits. In other words, if you don’t have some habits, you aren’t quite close to becoming a millionaire.

No doubt, you’ll find something here:
Another blogger, John Chow in 100 Ways Rich People Think Differently, extracted from that researcher and author, Steve Siebold  the difference between the rich and the poor is how they think. In other words, it’s a simple matter of mentality, mindset, head-game.  

Here is the best one:

If you can be patient enough to read through this blog, you should be having a good grasp of what many millionaires think of others who aren’t. Her web name is Christina H, she’s apparently a millionaire herself, she asserts that poor people are “idiots”, and that they are  “probably having lots of fun. She once “heard that Africa is a beautiful country” and if she “had  a free time, she’ll go there to build an orphanage”.

Her point is clear: poor people are limited in their thinking, hopes and dreams. Christina of Cracked.com is rich and isn’t apparently an idiot.

Okay, now that you know what the millionaires think about the poor or everyone else, what would you like to do?

Even if you don’t want to be a millionaire, no doubt you want to be rich and comfortable. You can use two nice cars, a cool house, a yacht may be? If  you think a private jet is too fancy for now, how about being able to travel back and forth first class with those airlines? Oh gee, the fun in being a millionaire abounds, but you get the point,…. less we become Christina H who is bugging while blogging.

What can you do now to be a millionaire or to be rich? After all, doing nothing is out of the question!

Keep reading, we’ll discuss what most self-made millionaires do to achieve that status. Here are some of the things people who want to be a millionaire do:

1. They google, and  read about the millionaires. Counting hours on internet – blogs, YouTube, etc googling .

(Time is money, and millionaires mind their time and use it very wisely.)

2. They buy millionaires’ books, read about them, and watch them on TV or internet.

(That’s right. Keep making them rich. They need you!)

3. They follow millionaires on social media -LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. They even signed up for their alerts.

(Seriously?,Common now!)

4. They study the “habits” of millionaires. There are tons on internet these days, so in demand that even you (non-rich) can write a book about millionaires and sell it to get rich, yeah!

(Btw, on the habit of millionaires, my blog topic for another day, some content pusher  will tell you to wake up at 4am like Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, etc. They’ll guide you to follow the rich’s habit very closely like eat when they eat, or chill when they chill. Please, if you go read up on those and want to follow their habits to get rich, don’t delay your bathroom needs for theirs! I beg!)

5. They associate with the millionaires, e.g- seek to work for them, network with them, etc. Some are even constantly seeking them out to take pictures with them, and then post these pictures on their social media.

(No judgement call, and each circumstance is different. But watch out on various signals you might be sending out to your circle. It won’t take long for people to see that you are pervasive, shallow, and obnoxious if you do this often.)

6. They hustle. I’m talking clean; hard work hustle.

Maybe the puzzle isn’t so much about studying the millionaires. So what job/trade/deal can you take on that would cut through poverty, puncture the glass ceiling of that middle-class mediocre- average living status, and shoot you up to the cozy island of the millionaires?

Influenced by research, and what we already know out there, I’ll be taking a wild educated guess below:

Is it Oil trade?

Gold trading?

Buying and selling  stock?

Getting into Real Estate?

Currency exchange?

Internet/ dot com business?

Film/cinema business/media?

Software and devices manufacturing?

Textile and Ecommerce?

Restaurants and brothel business?

Banking and lending?

Joining politics?

Wining lottery?

What more…..? Okay, shoot me some in your comments later.

Here is what we can all agree that most self-made millionaires do to gain that status:

They study how people think.

Studying how people think as an answer to achieving wealth appears so commonsensical, but it’s hard. When we do, we often get it wrong.
If you master how people think, you’ll be able to predict how they might think in the future.

This is a key. It’s a special code that only a few knows too well. It’s the reason why Superbowl is a game of almost 4 hours, but requires a drama worth months of planning so that you, the spectators and roughly 112 million others, will tune in and help meet the needs of the millionaires. It’s the reason why a ball is dropping at 42nd street in New York City every New Year’s Eve with over a million viewers tuning in the US and a billion around the world.

You are needed to come watch, and fill in the wallet. “Oh, but it’s a celebration! A culture!” Great, they knew you’d think that! These events are “celebration, culture, seasonal vibe “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” deals etc,” except that some are making money through these celebrations, and you aren’t.

It’s also the reason why people’s data are worth more in the hands of the millionaires than how much these people would ever worth to themselves and their families.

It’s a code; a revelation worth a fortune in the hands of those who have dug it, and can dig it. Today, Alexa is telling you the weather, and Home Echo is telling you where to buy that favorite underwear. They are also studying and sending your buying behavior to their headquarter.

You’ve seen how ‘studying how people think’ can be a powerful wealth-building tool. Perhaps it’s time to turn back from the ways of the crowd. Think about what people are thinking. What are their needs? How can you help meet these needs while equally meeting yours?

Start studying thoughts, pay attention, and keep dreaming big!

Now go get rich! See you there!

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