In the last two decades, natural hair has come back into fashion and many women want to know how to grow long healthy hair. Unfortunately, many women struggle and fail to keep up with this trend because they don’t know the magic formula to apply for success. Ancient African methods for hair growth are very potent and are still being used for hair maintenance to date. In this post, we will share our top 10 hair products and techniques that Africans swear by so you can start your long hair journey too. We also have some bonus products that aren’t of African origin but work wonders for all types of hair. Keep reading till the end to get practical tips on how to care for your African hair.

African Hair Explained

We’ve heard a lot of black divas complain that their hair is too dull and dry. Another persistent complaint we get is usually about curly and frizzy hair. You need to understand that your hair is unique and different. You can apply different methods to control frizz and reduce dryness but you should know that there is nothing wrong with your hair.

African hair has a rough structure with open cuticles while Caucasian hair is smooth because of its closed cuticle structure. Unless you alter the structure of your African hair, you should never expect it to be as silky or smooth as Caucasian hair. Now that you understand your hair, you’re ready to move on and learn how to grow long healthy hair.

10 Ancient African Hair Secrets To Grow Long Healthy Hair

If you have tried different hair growth methods and aren’t making progress, you need a change. It is never too late to turn your failing hair journey around. Try the following hair secrets to transform your story.

Rhassoul clay

how to grow long healthy hair with rhassoul clay

It’s pretty difficult to grow healthy hair when it is dirty. Since sulfate is one of the ingredients your shampoo should not have, rhassoul clay from Morocco is a great answer. This mud wash thoroughly; it cleans the hair and scalp without stripping them of helpful properties.

African black soap

how to grow long healthy hair with African black soap

This traditional West African soap is an excellent gentle hair and scalp cleanser. Black soap is made from plant ash and shea butter for effective body and hair cleansing. Because of the high pH levels, people with sensitive skin might react to this soap. Test it on a small patch of skin or scalp before use.

Chebe powder

how to grow long healthy hair with chebe powder

The Basara women of Chad are popular for their natural long hair. From a young age, these women coat their hair with a paste made from chebe powder and a mixture of other traditional ingredients. The recipe is indigenous to Sudan and Chad and has been proven to have terrific effects when used properly.

Marula oil

Marula oil for hair growth

The traditional marula oil hails from South Africa and Mozambique. This versatile product is famous as hair oil, skin moisturizer, and edible oil for healthy recipes. Marula oil contains antioxidants that aid hair growth but is not recommended for use by people with dandruff and eczema.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos teas for hair growth

Yes you read that right, it’s not an oil, it’s a tea! This magical tea comes from South Africa. It is an edible product and popular decaffeinated tea drink. Rooibos tea has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to aid healthy hair growth.

Ghee butter

how to get long healthy hair with ghee butter

Ethiopians have been using ghee as a hair care product for centuries. This animal-based, clarified butter is not indigenous to the area but they surely pioneered its use for hair care. It is used to moisturize, strengthen, and seal in moisture on natural hair. 

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Argan oil

argan oil from argan tree

The potency of this product is world-renowned but argan oil is originally from Morocco. It has many uses, chief amongst which is moisturizing damaged and dry hair.

Almond and castor oil combo

Ancient Egyptians combined almond and castor oil to advance hair growth. The castor oil helps to thicken hair while the almond oil helps to make the mixture more fluid and pleasant smelling.

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Braiding as a protective style

This is one of the most popular protective hairstyles for natural hair. The practice has been around for hundreds of years. South African, Nigerian, and Ethiopian women have a longstanding culture of braided hair. Today, even celebrities utilize this hairstyle for the same reasons.

African threading

African threading for hair stretching

Different ethnic groups in Central and West Africa were known to thread their hair for growth and beauty. Today, the style has been revamped with a modern finesse but still serves the same purpose. It is a great method of heatless hair stretching.


Fermented rice water for hair

how to grow long healthy hair with rice water

Fermented rice might sound yucky but it works wonders. We can thank Yao women from Southern China for this extraordinary long hair recipe. It is used as a shampoo and is very effective on all hair types including 4c African hair.

Sapote oil

sapote oil for hair growth

This oil is derived from seeds of the mamey sapote fruit that grows on a tree native to Central America and Cuba. If you suffer from dry, dandruff ridden, itchy scalp, massage some of this oil on your scalp. It will soothe the scalp and promote natural hair growth.

If you are wondering how to grow long healthy hair, these ancient recipes and techniques will be an excellent place to start. Depending on your needs and availability of ingredients, you can try a new style that will transform your hair journey. 

Hair Care Tips To Grow Long Healthy Hair

African hair is unique and should be handled with special skills. Utilize the following dermatologist-approved hair care tips to maintain longer and healthier hair.

  • Don’t wash your hair too often to avoid drying. Only wash every other week or one time each week if you must.
  • Apply hot oil treatment every two weeks to increase hair elasticity and moisture.
  • Always use a conditioner after each hair wash. Ensure to coat your ends generously as that is the weakest part of the hair.
  • Ensure your weaves and braids are not too tight or you could damage your hair.
  • Only use a ceramic wide-toothed comb on your hair to avoid pulling and breaking your strands.
  • Always detangle and comb your hair in sections to avoid excessive breakage.

Many people believe they cannot have long locks because of their 4c type African hair but this is false. There are so many ways to achieve long and healthy-looking hair. Millions of women around the world are using ancient African recipes like chebe powder for hair growth. These ancient African recipes have worked wonders for many over the centuries and will do the same for you too. If you have tried any of these products and techniques, share your experience below, and give recommendations that could be helpful to other readers.

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