Have you ever spend so much on your African prints only to realize that some of the fabrics are losing their original color? Well, probably it’s because you are not giving them the loving tender care they deserve.  Unlike other fabrics, African clothing requires proper care. And if you would like your prints to serve you for generations to come without losing their original color, here are some of the care tips you should put in place.

How to soften your fabric

African prints are waxed to make the fabric shinier. This tends to make the fabric stiff and hard to wash. But this should not worry you because; with simple home ingredients you can easily soften the fabrics making your cleaning not only easy but fun. Note that regular washing of your fabrics will make them soft with time and the softening procedure should only be carried out for your new fabrics.

To soften your fabrics, simply put 8 tbsp of salt or white vinegar in water and mix them properly. Soak your fabrics for a few hours and ensure they are fully covered by the solution.

What to Avoid:  Avoid using fabric softener and hot water as they may shed some of your fabric colors. Dark vinegar should not be used to soak fabrics as it will leave hard to remove stains and can ruin your prints.

How to wash

Just like any other material, your prints will get dirty with time and will require proper cleaning.  One mistake most people do is to store their African prints unwashed. Worst still, the clothes may have stains which when left unattended to, can encourage mold growth which will slowly deteriorate the quality of the fabric while making it hard to clean.

The best way to clean your fabrics is by hand washing them.  However, a washing machine can still be used but with well-preset temperatures. When using the machine method, avoid the spin cycle and use the gentle cycle instead.

Tip: Hot water and harsh detergents are not friendly to your fabrics as they will make your clothes to look faded with time. Always use gentle cleaning detergents which do not contain any bleaching agent like chlorine. Use your detergent in moderation. Too much will ruin the fabric.

When you are certain that your clothes are clean, rinse them well and hang them inside out. Avoid squeezing water from your fabrics but rather leave them to dry.  Twisting your wet clothes deteriorate the quality of your fabric and is not advocated.

How to Iron

African fabrics are sensitive to heat and should never come into direct contact with your iron box.  First, turn the fabric inside out and preset your iron box temperatures not too high or low. Place a light clean cloth on your fabric and iron.

Do you have any care tips you use on your fabrics or have any question about African print care tips? Feel free to share it on the comment section.

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SOURCEAfroGist Media
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