How to Deal With Toxic People


You’re having a great day. Everything seems to be perfect until that guy shows up.

The guy who tends to ruin everything — it seems that his life mission is to send negative vibes to diminish your happiness and good mood.

We all come across these kinds of people every now and then. And the one key ingredient to help you rebuild your life and regain your happiness lies in your ability to get rid of them.

Here’s the thing; some toxic persons are not aware of the negative vibes they radiate in the environment.

To them, it’s just a regular day, and they are doing their thing.

Others, however, derive happiness from demeaning others and spreading negative vibe.

To them, they’re just chilling out, and your moody reaction only fuels them up to spread more bad aura to the people around them.

It’s almost impossible to change these folks. After all, change come from within.

The best you could do is to let them go. Period!

Anything more is at your own risk.

To make significant progress in life, and create the dream life you desire, you should know how to identify toxic people, and more importantly, you should be able to get rid of them quickly.

To get going, here are easy ways of getting rid of toxic people.

Set Limits and Boundaries

Toxic folks come in various shapes and forms — one of which is complainers and blame throwers.

Complainers are people who complain about everything — the weather, politics, their job, spouse, and other things.

As long as they’re living and breathing, they would identify something to complain of.

Blame throwers, on the other hands, are folks who don’t accept responsibility for their lives and actions.

Someone or something is to blame for any misfortune they encounter — it’s never their fault.

How do you handle them?

Set boundaries! Simple!

When they come calling, identifying ways of asking intelligent questions and pointing to realistic solutions to their problems.

The result?

They would either be quiet or redirect their energies to other people.


Because complainers and blame throwers hate intelligent and solution-driven discussions –it’s their worst nightmare.

Don’t engage with them

Engaging with toxic people is the quickest way to doom.

Never engage or join them in their emotion-driven discussion.

Always approach them logically.

Create some distance and don’t join in the emotional jumble.

If a mentally-ill folk meets you across the street and informs you that he’s Donald Trump, what would you do?

Simple answer — smile and keep moving. You won’t join him in his mental rumble.

The same approach should be applied to toxic people.

When they begin their usual emotional jumble around you, keep on moving.

Simple! Isn’t it?

Be the captain of your happiness and life

If your sense of happiness and joy comes from the opinion of others, then you’re not in charge of your life.

You’ve got to be emotionally stable and stop comparing yourself with others.

Toxic people always radiate negative vibes, and by getting rid of them, you’d save yourself from lots of stress and emotional drainage.

To eliminate them, you’ve got to set boundaries, limit your engagement with them, and be in charge of your happiness.

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