How Facebook And Google Might be Hurting You


With over 2.27 billion monthly active users, Facebook is rapidly becoming a part of our existence.

Nowadays, Facebook, Google, and other internet platforms are an extension of our daily existence.

You may get to know everything about an individual by merely visiting his/her Facebook wall — likes, dislikes, relationship status, address, current city, and even get a glimpse of the person’s personality.

Incredible! Isn’t it?

But why does Facebook has so much hook on us? And why are many people getting addicted to these internet platforms?

Well, Facebook isn’t the only internet platform ruining our lives. Google seems to be doing a great job too.

These two overlords of internet monopoly are controlling the way we think, see things, and behave.

If you’re using an Android device, there’s tremendous possibility that Google monitors you — and you’ve got no privacy.

Facebook and Google seem to be enjoying their spotlight without giving much concern about their user’s feeling and privacy. After all, you’re the product that’s bringing in the big bucks.

Yes, platforms like Facebook have several benefits and with it, you can

  • Express yourself publicly without using the traditional media agencies.
  • Keep in touch with your loved ones and connect with more people. Facebook makes it easy to connect with new people. These days, you can expand your network by just a click. Also, by reviewing the timelines of your close friends, you’d be able to catch up and stay in touch.

These benefits are good — but that’s not all.

Facebook has made it much easier for cyberbullying to thrive.

Here’s how it work…

A group of people gangs up to harass a weaker opponent. And with the high number of active young users, there’s little or no control over what these young folks are doing.

Unlike the traditional school environment where you’ve got teachers and school moderators to control the students, in the virtual world, these young folks are left all alone.

What of relationships?

Well, internet platforms are ruining it. Jealousy is on the rise.

When you see your partner liking, and commenting on the picture of the opposite sex, you will tend to think that something more is going on in the inbox.

Also, consistent sexual explicit messages from the opposite sex are not helping out.

What’s more, everyone seems to have a perfect life on social media.

The result? Insecurity!

The thing is, Facebook wield more power than you think. In a 2012 study, researchers manipulated the Newsfeed of Facebook users to see how we transmit positive and negative emotions.

Here’s what happened…

When Facebook increased the negative messages that appeared on the users’ newsfeed, people tend to update their status with negative contents.

However, when the situation was reversed, people uploaded more positive contents on their status update.

Typically, the researched was followed by a wave of public outrage, but guess what happened?

The number of active users on the platform keeps growing.

The truth is, technology has made our lives a lot better — and we’re grateful for it. But leaving these powerful tools in the hands of a few Silicon tech giants is what’s disturbing.

What regulatory policies should be adapted to control these Silicon Valley bros?

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