Since ages, human beings use fruits to gain better health and energy. Researchers are researching about the benefits of fruits to get maximum benefit, and have achieved remarkable results. Darker fruits like berries are one example.

There are different kinds and colors of berries e.g. purple, black etc. Researchers prove that berries are antioxidants and are used to prevent cell damage. Berries play a critical role in the prevention of chronic diseases. Fruit experts and nutritionists alike have recommended that everybody should eat at least three berries daily.

Blueberry is a Rich Source of Flavonoids

Blueberry is a very effective antioxidant. The deeper color among their various types are more effective than the lighter ones. Several studies have analysed the strength and health benefits found in most common fruits and vegetables. The result always comes out supporting the fact that blueberry is a much more powerful antioxidant than others.

But What About Blackberry?

Blackberries are very powerful antioxidants. They are highly effective against chronic diseases such as key diseases that are established as common to African Americans: diabetes, lung cancer and other forms, lung scarring, stroke, and high blood pressure. After research, Ohio State University reported that blackberry can stop tumor growth, as well as colon cancer growth.

In conclusion, berries are great fruits with potentials to fight against various diseases.They are potent in modulating the signalling pathway. Eat three berries daily and increase your chances of fighting against chronic diseases.

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