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If you are crazy about curly hair and do not seem to achieve your hair goals, you need to check out what you may be doing wrong. Curly hair is elegant and brings out the feminine energy in women. To make sure you do things right, we have compiled a list of curly hair mistakes for black women. Let’s dive right in!

Choosing Wrong Styling Products

Every hair care routine starts with choosing the correct product. To help make the right choices, manufacturers specify who the product is designed for. However, most people think that all curly products are a perfect fit for their hair, and before they know it, they are struggling to achieve their hair goals.

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Before pulling your card, always read the product to know if it’s ideal for your hair. Follow the instructions to the letter to achieve the desired results.

Using Moisturizer Incorrectly

Moisturizing your hair helps retain moisture and reduce breakage, but only when done right. Most people make mistakes using too little moisturizer, leaving the hair deprived of moisture, leaving it vulnerable to environmental aggressors.

Worse still, some people try to apply moisturizer on the strands only instead of applying evenly and gently. For best results, cover your curls complete with a moisturizer and give the hair enough time to moisturize evenly. Rinse with water and leave 10- to 20 percent of the moisturizer to help lock moisture in your hair.

Over Cleansing

If you are one of those people who often sweat even when the temperatures are not too high, you may need to clean your hair. As much as it’s good to wash your hair regularly, overdoing it creates more problems. Rather than washing it daily, you can skip a few days and instead use dry hair shampoo to help refresh the strands by absorbing oil.

Detangling Dry Curls

Nothing can be so painful as working on knots when the hair is dry. Worse still, you strain your hair and risk damaging it. Those with kinky or coily hair can attest to this. Avoid moisturizing the curls before detangling but instead, sprinkle water or conditioner before cleansing.

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Avoiding Trims

Not trimming broken ends can make your hair look frayed and frazzled. Trimming your hair helps get rid of broken ends and gives the hair luster and a healthy look. This should be done every couple of weeks to help not only give your hair an elegant look but also increase volume and reduce breakage.

Over-Styling The Curls

If you love styling your curls, you may want to style them often. But this is not healthy. Overdoing it will pull and stress the strands increasing chances of damage. Use gentle hair ties and alternate styles to allow the curls to be free.

Wrong Fabric Choice

Not every fabric is ideal for drying your hair. Avoid using a terry cloth towel as it absorbs water fast from the hair that can make the hair tangle. The tiny nubs on a Terrycloth towel can also fluff hair cuticles, making them frizz.

Always use a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt when drying your hair. The difference is visible.

Not Protecting Your Strands

 Most people love using cotton wraps when sleeping; little do they know cotton sucks of all-natural oil, robbing the hair of moisture. This leaves the hair vulnerable to environmental aggressors and damage. Always use a satin scarf to tie your hair and sleep on silk pillowcases.

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