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Have you ever thought about the fact that you have only one life to live? What does this mean to you, if I may ask? You have only one life to live! Having known this, what will you do?

It is quite disturbing to see the way many people live their lives. They live as though they have another life. In other words, they live far below standard. They refuse to discover and tap into the talents and gift they have. What would happen if everyone in the world lived their lives to full potential? The world will be a very great place. There’s enough space in the sky to contain every single bird!

So, here are ten winning ways to become all that you were created to be.

1. Believe!

Have a strong belief that you are created to live life to the full. Believe that in spite of any limitations, you can and should go for the best in life. If you believe this, a passion will rise up inside you to fly beyond your barriers. The fact that some succeeded in life is proof that you too can.

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Abraham Lincoln had this kind of belief. He believed that one of the winning ways to become whatever one wanted to become is to believe it. This mindset propelled him to run for government positions severally without quitting even when he didn’t win.

2. Discover and develop your gifts

Another winning way to become great and successful in life is to discover your talents and gifts and explore them. This is one secret of many world achievers.

Michael Jordan is one beautiful example. Naturally, he’s a tall guy, and so, he saw this as an opportunity. He discovered the potential he had. As a result of this discovery, he went ahead to develop it. He trained hard until he became one of the best basketball players in the world.

One of the winning ways to become great is to discover one thing you want to be known for

If you mention the name Michael Jordan, what comes to mind is basketball. When you hear the name Michelangelo, your mind goes to the world of art. When you hear of Billy Graham, your mind quickly goes to religion. What do you want your name to be known for? What is that one thing you want to be known for?

3. Deploy your gifts.

Deploying your gifts means putting it to work. It is important you put your gifts into operation. When you do this, you will make profit.

4. Do not downplay any natural ability you have.

There are certain gifts one may be tempted to not really place value on. For example, one will be amazed to find freelancers who have earned over one hundred thousand dollars on freelancing platforms. As a result of writing stories for people, they made that amount of money. In addition to the gift of writing, there are some other gifts one may be tempted to not take serious.

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5. Set goals.

Goal setting is one of winning ways to become successful in life. If you do not set goals, you will waste a lot of time in life without knowing. Someone described a goal as a dream with a deadline. The moment you set a goal, your thinking and creative faculties come alive. As a result, you will suddenly have ideas for the fulfillment of your goals which you may have thought impossible. In addition, it infuses into you a special energy to run in the direction of the actualization of that goal. If there’s nothing driving you, anytime is fine. However, with a goal you will have a special energy to run.

How to set goals

  • Make your goals specific. An example of a goal is: I want to make $10,000 in the next one month. Now, this is specific, not vague.
  • Your goals must be measurable. In other words, you must know when you have reached your goal. It is very easy to measure the goal above. For example, you were able to make $7,000 instead of $10,000, you have achieved only 70% of your goal.
  • Set achievable goals. Don’t set what you know is not realistic.
  • Your set goals must be time-bound. The goal above has a timeline: one month.


6. Write down ideas that come to your mind.

As a result of the goals you have set and written down, ideas will start to run through your veins. It is therefore important that you write them down. If you write them, you will have a specific next line of action to follow. However, if you fail to write them down, you may forget and stay on a spot for a long time.

7. Take actions!

Someone said that one action is better than one thousand good intentions. In other words, your ideas, intentions and desires are not as powerful as your actions. Action taking is one of the secrets of super achievers. Why? They don’t waste time on what ought to be done. As a result, they get things done and seem to have some special favor working for them.


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