Covid-19 is real and so are natural immune strengtheners. Grab these power foods at your local supermarkets or nearby farms.

If you have a cell phone and wired with social media, chances are that several images and videos of how some people are fighting Covid-19 with homemade solutions are flying across your devices by now. From crazy ideas like using cow dumps to the ridiculous ones like drinking vodka. Another one came out lately: drink tea first thing in the morning, and then fast for a few hours. The truth is it’s impossible to track and measure what works at this time. Even if one concoction works for someone, it’s hard to know if it’ll work for others.

Whether or not a homemade concoction works, however, it’s insane to condemn the continuous consumption of power fruits and herbs to boost immunity simply because the popular science is yet to do the “deeper studies” on it or because the biggest philanthropists are yet to fund the research. The so called chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine which had been well tested by popular scientists, and even once pushed by the President of the United States as a treatment that can “help” treat Covid-19 has apparently sent many to their graves.

According to experts, Covid-19 is novel which explains why nobody knows precisely what works yet. In the hospital, when a patient is confronted with death, and options are very limited, and the medical team are raising against time, everything goes.

So instead of waiting till then, in addition to practicing social distancing and all other commonsensical precautions that had been prescribed, why not incorporate the immune boosters listed below into your daily consumption? Let’s take a look:

  1. Lemon/Lime-

Lemon and lime are a family of oranges. A high acidity foods with higher concentration of Vitamin C. Lemon and limes are rich in antioxidants that are helpful in fighting off flu, cold, diabetes and other health debilitating ailments. They are from a family of citrus food that could help cells heal quicker from damages. Inflamed lung cells could respond to the healing brought on by these powerful fruits. 

2. Orange- 


Oranges do all that lemon and lime do and more. They have vitamin A and D, they build immunity, and protect against other DNA damages.

3. Ginger-


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory food that works so well with cells. This is why it’s one of the effective mix used in the treatment of all kinds of cancers. Ginger doesn’t only heal cells, it nurtures and pampers them. An inflamed lung that is begging to feel an instant relief have chances to transition from damaged to healed with ginger.

4. Garlic-


Garlic has many health benefits, and it’s a warrior in fighting against major infections and diseases that attack cells on micro levels. Because garlic has the ability to fight off the microorganisms that are attacking lungs and other bronchitis ailment, it’s a food that should serve not only as a seasoning in your soup during Covid-19, it should be eaten. Do more research on garlic.

5. Cloves-

Dry harvested Cloves

Cloves reduce pains that come with swelling. They also heal damaging cells, kill bacteria, boost appetite, nurture the bone, and increase strength rapidly. 

6. Pineapples-


Pineapples contain rich vitamin C which means that they can help fight off infection and heal inflamed cells.  In addition, this power fruit works to help the blood flow well; it aids digestion, and boosts energy.

Your turn:

Which other fruits and herbs has your family tried during this Covid-19 pandemic? Share your comments below. To include your quote and reference in our next post, email your comments to:

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