5 Simple Tips to Stay Happy Even in Distress


Do you want to lead a happy and flourishing life even while in distress? This article is for you. Happiness is a self-contained expression that comes with love, peace, and serenity. God does not expect us always to be happy because he knows that struggles and trials come with life. However, it is okay to feel overwhelmed by the things happening around us. But if you indulge these simple tips in staying happy combined with having a heart for God, your happiness and confidence are self-evident. 

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the five simple tips to stay happy even in distress

Eat and Sleep Regularly.

This tip does not mean eating and sleeping the day away because overly doing this can be a symptom of depression. But then you can’t deny the positive feeling that comes with catching the right amount of sleep. Besides, it can be challenging to enjoy your favorite activities at work or school if you feel grumpy, bleary-eyed, or cranky. On the other hand, skipping meals isn’t right because it lets your blood sugar sink while sending stress signals to the brain. 

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Cut the phrase, “I have been so busy, I don’t have time to eat.” This is an unfair thing to do to yourself. If all efforts to get you a meal proof futile, grab a snack or something that can give you a delighting and happiness-filled mood.

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Committing to a Unique Routine Can Make You Glow.

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If you are the type that likes to be flexible with tasks, rigid timetables or to-do lists might seem unfulfilling to you. On this note, you should understand that for you, it takes an inner motivation to get things done and not your regular to-do routine. A routine can be as simple as an early morning jog, sipping your favorite coffee, visiting a friend, taking time out to meditate, or attending a yoga class, anything that gives you a happier and productive day.

Disengage from Toxic People

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Disengaging from toxic people can be easier said than done because you need people to come through when you need them—business partners, associates, clients, employees, friends, etc. It is untrue to say or think everyone wants to see you happy. Therefore, the only way to avoid the toxicity these ties bring is to avoid or disengage from such relationships. However, it can be more difficult to exercise the same approach for family members for obvious reasons. Just as Schwartz says, “there’s no reason to put up with people that do or say unkind things to you. 

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Give Yourself Space to Breathe.

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It is okay to experience downtime. You might be stressed or upset over trivial things. Simple breathing exercises can ignite your degree of happiness dramatically. Schwartz says. “If you engage in some deep breathing during the day, you can calm yourself down and not let nothing get the best of you.” Don’t beat yourself up if you are not getting it right, instead give it some time and go back to it. When you breathe, your diaphragms expand, allowing more oxygen into your lungs and, subsequently, your blood, leading to a calm and delightful experience. 

Celebrate every milestone

Growth is paramount to every successful and happy-minded individual. No matter how insignificant or negligible that achievement is, celebrate yourself. When you do this, you subconsciously set a reward system that will inspire attaining more significant milestones and happy life. Celebrating a milestone is affirming that a set goal has been accomplished. Whether you travel to your dream destination or just landed a paying gig, celebrate because these achievements are precious and timeless. Happiness sometimes comes from the little things we think don’t matter.

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Bottom line

If your responsibilities or task is taking a toll on you, call for help. There are always people who are willing to help to see you happy. Don’t burn out; delegate overwhelming assignments. You can only be productive and efficient if you are happy.

Do these tips speak to you? If yes, feel free to exercise them and leave us comments on how these simple tips are helping you stay happy even in distress.

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