4 Biblical Trees That Reveal The Wonders Of Salvation


The Bible accounts for the relevance of each tree and its impacts on humanity. A tree symbolizes either a temple, gopher or covering in the scripture. Although there is a connection between man’s fall and a tree, they also serve as a touchpoint that reveals the wonders of salvation. If you are already speculating what the trees are, stay with us as we share with you the four biblical trees that show the wonders of salvation.

Remember, a tree separated us from the love of God in the Garden of Eden. Likewise, this same tree plays a significant role in restoring us to Christ. For instance, at Calvary, Jesus Christ paid for our sins by crucifixion upon a tree.

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The Fig Tree

The Fig tree is mentioned when Adam and Eve wanted to hide their sinfulness in the sight of God. For some reason, the tree is labeled ‘hypocrite’ because the fruit is green, making it difficult to tell among the leaves until it is completely ripe. But with close examination, it is possible to detect the fruit from the leaves. When the fig tree was not bearing fruit as when due, Christ cursed it, and it dried off Mark 11:12-14, 20. However, Zacchaeus met and dined with Jesus by climbing the sycamore tree, a breed of the Fig tree. And since that day, salvation has been upon his household. 

wonders of salvation
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The Olive Tree

A type of tree that was especially important in the land of Israel was the olive tree. The tree Olive is a scriptural symbol for the nation of Isreal, and its fruits continue to blossom leading to a massive increase in Israeli commerce. Psalm 128 accounts for the tree as an emblem of prosperity, peace, and riches. Likewise, Paul used the Olive tree as an illustration to reveal God’s sovereign plan for Isreal, which was to pour out his mercy through the salvation of Paul. And also how the Gentiles received a new relationship with God. As much as the Olive tree thrives well without irrigation, it can also be considered a sign of Divine wrath if it fails to sprout. Read Jeremiah 11:16-23

wonders of salvation
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The Oak Tree

An Oak tree is known for its longevity and how it witnesses certain events. Jacob piled up all the false idols his family members held onto in the old testaments and buried them under an Oak tree Genesis 35:4. The Oak tree was a touchpoint that delivered the Israelites from the oppression by Midian. However, the Oak tree was where the Angel of God appeared to Gideon and made a covenant with Judges 6:11-19. The Oak tree also reminds us of some negative actions such as the death of David’s son, Absalom, and the Heathen worshipping idols. But the exciting part is the Bible records trees as a symbol that brings a positive and lasting impact to a person’s life.

oak tree
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The Cedar Tree

The Cedar tree is the temple of God in Jerusalem 1 Kings 6:9-20. Some of the possible reasons why this tree is chosen are because its wood is free from knots and not susceptible to attack by pests. Although the Cedar tree is rare, it has a long lifespan of over two thousand years. It is also a tree that exhibits the wonders of God’s salvation.

cedar tree
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Bottom line

Just like these biblical trees, God wants us to deepen our roots to be evergreen and steadily grow to keep basking in His salvation. What kind of lesson can you draw from any of the trees mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section. 

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