Top 5 Non-Biblical Practices Thriving in Churches Today


Do you know that most activities in churches today are not rooted in the bible? Shocking but true. There are a lot of unscriptural activities flying around in church communities, Christians have turned a blind eye to these. As we are aware that these happenings are signs of the end time, our duty as believers is to strive and restore old-time religion.

This way, we can break the barriers to non-biblical practices thriving in our churches or denominations. However, in this article, we will share a list of the top 5 Non-biblical practices with you. Read on to see whether what you do in your church is biblical or not.

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Demanding Consultation Fees

non-biblical church practices
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It is no longer news that some churches use this medium to amass wealth. The fact that the so-called men of God are commercializing prayers, counselling sessions, and miracles have become an eyesore raising so many unanswered questions. Pastors now take advantage of peoples’ despair and agony to extort them financially, making the church more than just a pillar of faith. Salvation and healing are free just as Christ gave us freely, so freely should we give others, Mattew 10:8.

Issuing Compulsory Tithe Card

non-biblical church practices
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Making available tithe cards for members is not non-biblical but segmenting members based on class and status is discrimination. Moreover, the church should be a safe space for everybody whether you can afford to pay tithe or not. It is unjust for the church to deny certain individuals membership privileges because they have no tithe card as evidence of paying tithes.

While it may seem as though others are regularly fulfilling their pledge and are often acknowledged, they might be faking being saved. But all that matters to the Pastor and leadership is the stream of wealth they intend to amass from tithing. 

Trumpeting and Dancing to Secular Songs

thriving practice
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If there is one act that the church has successfully embraced, it is praising God with songs that do not glorify his name but because it has God in its lyrics, it is a godly song. We need to watch it here! As leaders and members of the church, we are role models. Incorporating rhythmic lyrics of such songs for church use will mislead people, especially those just starting their spiritual journey. Imagine ladies twerking and wiggling in the church; these are the practices we see thriving in churches today. And the scripture talks about the implication of this act.

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Mode of Dressing 

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You have the choice of wearing your best attire to church, especially on Sundays. While this is good, it has now become a competition of who dresses best, and if you are not well-dressed, then you are not qualified for the category. Mode of dressing is a new trend found in churches today.

The church has forgotten the old-time biblical religion but is now thriving with ungodly practices. Hence, if you don’t have nice clothing, let that not be your reason for missing church functions; instead, let your heart yearn and thirst to be in God’s presence.

Establishing Too many Denominational Churches 

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Setting up too many church branches, especially when you are still growing, might not be the best. Every church needs a spiritual and strategically focused leadership to develop a solid biblical foundation; if not false doctrinal teachings will precede the ministry. But church leaders are too impatient to undergo the process; instead, they want to amass crowds upon inception. If the required biblical principles are in place, the ministry will function properly and even its denominational extensions. 

However, many leaders assigned to this church societies or denominations have derailed from their essence, which is spiritual and biblical teachings. And if measures are not taken, these denominations may become political and social societies.

Bottom Line

The non-biblical practices thriving in today’s churches are endless. But we have decided to leave you with the top five. Nevertheless, some churches have only grown because they decided to refine the gospel and sugarcoat the bible to suit their message. At this point, you should be able to identify any usual acts in the church, and also quickly tell if they are biblical or not. Are there any non-biblical practices, you have witnessed recently in the church? Please let us know in the comments section.

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