Thursday News Highlights


Thursday News Highlights

A Relief on the Way from the Pain of ‘Likes’

Instagram is reportedly exploring how to make the psychology of ‘Likes’ on its platform more favorable. According to the report,  the number of likes a post gets will be visible only to the owner of the post and not anyone else who sees the post.

One of Facebook fundamental goals  is to get people to engage with the actual post, hence less distraction from the ‘likes’, and ‘dislikes’ features. This would be a win for lots Facebook users, especially teenagers, and for people struggling with self esteem.


Open Position- Caucasian Wanted!

A company in Virginia Cynet System reportedly posted their job descriptions, and honestly stated that they prefer white applicants. The company had taken down the job post after people’s reactions on social media. Cynet also apologized and stated that the employee that posted the job had been fired.

The fact though is Cynet is a  tech- skilled recruiter firm for many companies, and chances are that the recruiter that posted the job was only listing the crucial details obtained from their employer clients.

In addition to breaking the law, the key offense that the recruiter committed, really, was rubbing it in, for the mere fact the position is technology based already portends the landscape  of who gets that job. This one fortunately caught the public eyes. There are tons more that are just hard to prove.


Benin Republic Is Speaking Out

The people of Benin Republic are reportedly speaking out against another African signature that people know too often. People wanted multiple parties as a way to open up the path  to a practical democracy. The opposition parties seek to freely and fairly participate in elections, but the incumbent government is at odds.


The Sudanese Saga Continues

The Sudanese people are relentless in their demand for the military power that has hijacked  their hard-earned victory to hand over power. The African Union is reportedly stepping in and issuing a 60 days ultimatum.     


Slavery.  Not in Libya, but UK

Is the public discussing slavery in past tense? The AlJazeera investigative experts document their work here . Their report includes an orphan whose finger was cut off and made to grow weed, a young female who must be covered in petrol fuel so police dogs don’t discover her in hide out, lots of young females subjected to prostitution, and more.


Facebook  Becomes Cautiously Selective – Lesson Learned?

As election season approaches in the US, Facebook has reportedly banned Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and others who express far rights, antisemitism views, and  other hate speech.

It’s unclear on whether this is an effort that Facebook itself considers sensible, or whether the action was a response to the hot seat Zuckerberg has repeatedly found himself with the US congress over the years


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