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‘It’s Been Good’ Says Magic Johnson to Lakers

The iconic NBA star and an American wealthy businessman, Earvin Magic Johnson reportedly resigned from his position as the Lakers’ President two weeks ago. Though people suspected some internal beef going on within the administration, Johnson said he was bidding his two-fingers for a good reason.


A Guinean Born is on the 2019 NBA Draft

Guinean Born Sekou Oumar Doumbouya is reportedly making his way into the NBA this year. He began his interest in basketball at age 12. Sekou, his mom and siblings became African immigrants in France when he was only a year old. He was already about  6.8 foot tall at age 13. Sekou is reportedly good with the stamina to fight at post; he’s brave, and maintains great transitions.


Give It a Watergate Standard, Says Clinton

Former US Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton states that  Mueler’s report documents incidence of  attack against American democracy, and asks that lawmakers deal with the report as America did with the Watergate Scandal.


After Several ‘I Will’ and ‘I Will Not’ Biden Officially Jumps into Presidential Race

Whatever led to his initial wavering, Vice President Joe Biden is officially announcing his bid for President. Many Americans wanted him so badly to join the race in 2015, but from a distance, we heard several reasons on why he couldn’t – his son’s death, his age, just leaving the office of Vice President, and perhaps needed time to reflect, etc.

The outlook of American election three years ago though was such a huge reason that should swallow many objections of good leaders  like Biden to run, but then again, what do we know?


Ladies, Keep your Used Panties in a Locked Safe

Several occurrences of stealing  used female panties had been reported in Nigeria. Ladies, please keep your panties safe. Two men were reportedly arrested this past Friday at Mile 12 in Lagos when argument broke up between the duo after a successful round of stealing. The goal was to use the panties for wealth-making rituals.  


South African Flood kills 60 people

A serious flood caused by heavy rain had been reported in South Africa at the region of KwaZulu. Sixty people were reportedly killed.


Sri Lanka Muslims are Now Afraid

After the bombing that left 350 dead in Sri Lanka, the Muslim faithful are now reportedly very worried about their safety.


A Turbaned Chinese Chief in Nigeria?

A Chinese man just gained a chieftaincy title in the Hausa land, the Northern part of Nigeria. Mike Chang from China will now answer the title of Wakilin Yan China. The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu  Sanusi II reportedly felt the need to do this to strengthen the relationship of Chinese traders in the region.

 There is no report on how long Mike Chang has been a resident of the region, and why him among many others.

Was The Son of  First Guinean President Spoilt?

His father’s life history marks  the story of a man who was passionately dedicated to the service of others. But was his son Mohamed Toure, 58 of Texas spoilt?  

Mohamed Toure is an American, and the son of Guinean first President, Sekou Ahmed Toure.


Along with his wife, Denise Cros-Toure, he got  convicted this January for enslaving a girl for 16 years.  Djena Diallo is the name of the young woman who was brought into the US by the couple on a tourist visa at age 5.


Since then, the indictment read,  Diallo was forced into hard labor in their home; cooking and cleaning, taking care of their children, and not allowed to go to school. One of the kids she took care of from young age reportedly moved to college before Diallo could get a chance to sleep on the bed.

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