The Top 5 Rising African Football Stars To Look Out For


With the FIFA 2018 World Cup coming to end after France’s victory last week, football fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the 2022 tournament. We had several star players amongst the 5 African teams this year, but who will qualify for the next competition? Let’s take a look at 5 rising African football stars who have shown immense potential to become the next big thing!

1. Eric Ayiah- Ghana

Eric Ayiah hails from Ghana and has already landed a spot on his country’s under-17 national team. He has proven to be an impressive center-forward, and currently plays for FC Charity Stars.

2. Hadji Drame- Mali

Hadji Drame was born and raised in Mali, and currently plays for his nations under-17 national team. He is a forward-right winger and is known for his agility and speed.

3. Lyle Foster- South Africa

Perhaps one of the most promising names on the list, Lyle Foster was scouted at the young age of 12 and has already embarked on a professional career in football. His nickname is ‘Castro’, and he is currently a defender for the South African club Orlando Pirates.

4. Filston Mawana- DRC/ Sweden

18 year old Filston Mawana hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo but was raised in Sweden. He now plays for the Swedish club Hoffenheim U19, but talks of a transfer to Chelsea are in the works.

5. Moise Kean- Italy/ Ivory Coast

Born and raised in Italy to Ivorian parents, Moise Kean has the opportunity to play for both the Italian and Ivorian national teams. Judging by his past appearances in the UEFA Champions League, we are certain that he will follow in Drogba’s footsteps




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