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Celebration as black students fight for justice in the Sac State Athletics

Black athletes have something to smile about as they look back at the fight for injustice that happened in the past. The celebration is aimed at showing respect to the athletes who dedicated their time to fighting segregation in the various teams they played. One of the cases that will be a major point of focus during the celebration is the 50-year-old story on how black students were discriminated just a year after the civil rights movement. The celebration involves stories from the players on how they were able to turn the situation around to get positions in their college basketball teams based on merit. It will also involve an in-depth look at how the situation can be improved to fully eliminate any cases of athletics segregation.

President Trump unveils a new immigration system

On Thursday, the president gave a plan on how the government is expected to conduct an overhaul of the current immigration system. The current system does not have any merit on skills. It simply allows people who meet the conditions set by the immigration department to get into the country. President Trump believes that it is important to control the number of people getting into the country using skills. The immigration department should put more focus on the skills people have before allowing them into the country.

Ghana firefighters to receive training in Malta

One of the problems faced by Ghana is frequent fires that destroy property and to the extreme cause loss of lives. In an attempt to improve the situation, the country is considering to train firefighters well so that they can improve their skills. Ghana plans to send 40 firefighters for special training in Malta with the aim of improving their firefighting skills. After the pilot program, the country is expected to increase the number of firefighters they send to Malta for training until all of them are fully trained. This follows an MOU that was signed between Ghana and Malta which also included sponsorship of Ghanaian students to learn in Malta.

A study suggests that amendment requirements are not fair for black people

A study by Brenna center has established that 2000 felons in Florida are already registered in 2019. It is a study that was done within the first three months of 2019. Of the 2000 felons, only 44 were black. The amendment requires that felons should pay all fines before they are given back their voting rights. The study found out that the requirement could disproportionately impact black people. Most of the black felons might end up not participating in the upcoming election though it is their right to do so.

A cop in Colorado has resigned after drawing a gun on a black man cleaning his yard

Recently, a police officer hit the headlines for harassing Atkinson, a black man, while cleaning his compound. This is against the police rules of operation, and the cop has since resigned. This comes at a time when a high number of cases of white police officers harassing black people have been reported.

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