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What Makes Sister Less American than Others?


Democrat lawmakers  warned the GOP leaders, including President Trump, who thrive on playing  identity politics card to back it off. Ilhan Omar’ s comments last month on how the Council on American Islamic Relations got  founded was twisted and distorted by political drama players.


To them it’s really not about what you say or how you say it, but who says it. If you aren’t white enough, you’ll be deemed unpatriotic. If you or your parents were born outside the United States, or the GOP preferred country, carrying around your birth certificates or your naturalization paperwork won’t do. To them, you’d have to see the world from their purview to be an American.


Congresswoman Omar, a Somalian born American, who spent some of her younger age at Kenya’s refugee camp, fit the profile of “the enemies” described in the Christchurch’ gunman manifesto.


 Omar is an African immigrant, a Muslim, and who is at the helm of power in the West circle. Her profile is more  like that of  London Mayor whose name was directly referenced in the manifesto as a target for White supremacists.

Rhetoric, Fake news, and Propaganda Works.

President Trump was reported to have sent out a video that flips Omar’s comments, and which further promotes racism and hatred of “the other.” On April 5th, a guy from New York, by the name of Patrick Carlineo was charged for issuing threat against Congresswoman Omar’s life.


Even after learning about the threat, President Trump doubled down on his rhetoric stating that Omar “doesn’t like Israel” and evoking “boos” from his audience.


No Condition is Permanent- Not Even for Julian Assange!


The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange was arrested and indicted in London this past Thursday by the British authorities after spending almost 7 years under the cover of Ecuadorian government in its London embassy.


Assange was seeing full beard; being hauled out of the building. With mobility constraint, and little to no possibility of getting a tan in the two small rooms he’d been kept for all these years, Assange appeared older, fatter, and pale.


His penalty, if found guilty, is no joke. First he must face the British to  answer charges on violating bail, and then he must deal with the standing rape/sexual offense charges against him in Sweden. From there, if he’s still breathing, he’s expected to be extradited to the US where he may be  facing treason related charges amidst others.


Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno and his government had defended the reason they had  to let go: they were losing money – about a million dollar yearly, plus “Assange was violating the terms of his asylum.” Other reports have indicated a more complex reasons that are highly political.


But what was Assange thinking? His fate has been in the hands of Ecuador all along; not Cuba, not Russia, not North Korea, not China, and perhaps, not even God. He was either a liability or an asset, and neither status is good for him.  


Assange ought to have known that the prize over his head is richer and powerful. If withdrawing his asylum was a crime, then the only institution that can referee that for him is the International Criminal Court, and again, he’s out of luck.

4th of July- Big Day Double for Algerian Americans!

The US African immigrants from Algeria get to celebrate their  4th of July  holiday with a mix of adrenaline. There is the barbecuing, picnicking, and other family affairs to mark the day, but in addition, their pulse will go on to monitoring their presidential election back in Algeria, which had been scheduled for that same day.  


This presidential election will be the first election in Algeria since 20 years after the Moroccan born, Abdelaziz Bouteflika was kicked out by the youths of the country on April 2nd.


Half of Algerian population are youths, and for many millennials and Gen z among them, it would be the very first election they get to participate in. Algeria is now temporarily under the leadership of Abdelkader Bensalah, who the protesters can’t stand either, and are calling for him to get the fudge out of the office ASAP.  


Algerian youths should indeed be proud since not many African nations youths can pull this off. They should equally be very careful as this is the moment that foreign meddling gets stronger seeking ways to cash out of their troubles.


The First Black Hole Image, So What?

A group of scientists were reported to have made one of the most important breakthroughs in the study of Black Holes by capturing its very first ever clear image.  


The world saw the images released this past Wednesday by a team of international researchers working on a project called Event Horizon Telescope project. 


But many fans of that popular movie, The Lord of the Rings, disagree. They said what scientists saw is the eye of Sauron.


Africans have done it again- Omar al-Bashir of Sudan is Out!

The despotic Sudanese President Omar-al Bashir had been forced to step down from office by the Sudanese people this past Thursday following several years, and recently, months of protests.


Unlike the protest in Algeria which was led by majority of youths, everyone, men and women, including children and senior citizens were seen flung the street of Khartoum to demand for the removal of their 30 years dictator who had been ruling the country way before many of them were born.


The war of Africa is a winnable one if the young, bright, and the strong won’t jump on the boat and start seeking migration into voluntary enslavement. Together, they’ve proved that the path to a greater social change is not only by running, but by standing.


Their work isn’t done, and like Algeria, they are at the most vulnerable state in the scheme of things. There are three more giants that threaten their lasting joy: (i) military regime, (ii) tribalism and division, and third  (iii) foreign meddling- which is powerful enough to use the first two giants as tools.


Uber is Standing; Sorry to the Taxi Medallionaires!

Uber Car ride is reportedly growing larger in income revenue which marks a comeback from this tech cab company after a few years of drama. Reports shows that there are about 1000 employees working on its driverless cars soon to be rolled out.  


Earthquake Reported in Haiti

Haiti reportedly experienced an earthquake of 3.8 magnitude with a 10.0 KM depth this past Sunday. The quake happened  at the West of Jean Rabel mostly around the North area, and partly Southeast area. So far, no damage was reported. Find out more here.

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