Seeing Animals in your Dream? Some African Interpretations


Seeing animals in your dreams is not something new but most people tend to ignore them. Whenever animals appear in your dreams, you should not take it as something usual. Dreaming about animals is a sign of the basic instincts and inmost emotions. While you might not take your dreams seriously, the truth is that anything that appears to you while sleeping could be linked to the happenings in your real life. Animals can appear to you in dreams and reveal something about yourself. Different animals may depict different messages and for this round-up, we have compiled a list of animals which tend to appear in dreams and their implication.


In African communities, an owl is a symbol of bad omen. The animal is normally linked with darkness and in African traditions, an owl is viewed as a death announcer. When it cries, someone was to die. Its appearance in your dreams may signify death, wisdom, solitude or even unconscious.

This bird has the ability to see what is happening in the unconscious parts of your soul. For this reason, it can give you wisdom and insight regarding your secret feelings and experience. Seeing this creature in your dreams can provoke your consciousness into a process of self-realization



The Hawk is believed to be a spiritual bird or a spiritual messenger. As a spiritual bird, the hawk is viewed as a messenger who brings a concealed message from the unseen and the spiritual world. If you dream of killing a Hawk, then it may mean the end of your struggles or a sign of victory over your enemies.

Also, it may be a sign that you associate with individuals who tend to oppose you in various ways. However, you manage to win the battle since you can take in the situation in a clear way. Seeing a hawk in your dreams will also symbolize that you are getting enough for yourself by proficiently obtaining what belonged to you.

The appearance of this bird in your dream will also be:

  • A sign of leadership and spirit messenger
  • Can be a message warning you to be watchful in some situations
  • Can indicate that someone close to you could deceive you in a way


Dreams about snakes are common and it may have different meanings. In the African community, snakes are a sign of fertility or a transitional change in your life. For instance, if you happen to see a snake shed its skin, it is a sign of a new beginning or the end of your struggles.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake may depict negative thoughts you have towards your life. If you have a phobia for snakes, it may also signify fear of facing troubles or someone whom you have differences.


Seeing cats in your dreams signifies a feminine power. They are known to deal with esoteric knowledge and spiritual custody.  Seeing these creatures in a dream forces you to look into the shadow shelves (the secret areas in your personality where magic, wonder, and potential is held). Due to the unknown, it can be a scary place. However, a cat is always familiar with those dark areas, and it will help you while exploring your innermost psyche.

Seeing white cats in a dream symbolize sharp spiritual consciousness, while appearances of black cats in your dreams represent veiled powers/secretes within you.


Rats are animals that people don’t like to encounter since they are disease carriers. They are associated with something evil and dark. Seeing a rat in your dreams signifies that you will engage in an unpleasant meeting with someone familiar to you. This might be a business associate or even an old friend. You don’t intend to meet this individual, but you believe that there are some things you must do. The dream can as well symbolize that you might engage in a verbal or physical fight with another person.

Which among the above features animals have you dreamt about? Did you have any clue of what your dream depicted? Share your experiences on the comment section.

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