Planning to go to US: Here are 7 Common Immigration Mistakes that you Should Avoid


According to USCIS, over 6 million applications are made each year. Before verification is done, all the applications go through a thorough review to ensure every applicant has met all the requirements. While some manage to get approved, others do not. Immigration Visa denial is not something new but it can be emotionally draining. But do you know most of the reasons why most applicants are denied a visa are as a result of their ignorance which would have been avoided? To ensure you have done things right, we have uncovered some of the mistakes that you may probably be doing that may cause your immigration application to sink.

  1. Financial status

Relocating to any foreign country requires one to be financially stable and US is not an exception. And before you get warded your visa, you will be required to submit financial statements to access how financially prepared you are. In case your bank statements do not meet the required thresholds, the embassy will have no choice but deny you a visa.

  1. Giving unclear information

Before your immigration application is approved, you will be required to state clearly the reasons why you intend to travel to the US. Please get your facts right and table them clearly to the interviewer with confidence.

One mistake most people do is being overconfident, and instead of waiting to be interviewed, they start questioning the interviewer. While confidence matters in an interview, being overconfident can narrow the chances of your approval.

  1. Providing false information

Most people think that giving false information will earn them credit. All the information provided goes through scrutiny to ensure it’s factual. This includes running background checks on your criminal history.

In case you have been involved in any criminal activity directly or indirectly, ensure you have provided the details or else you will risk being barred from going to the US.

  1. Providing inadequate information

Avoid giving half-baked information. Providing inadequate information can delay your application and may cause you to miss great opportunities. Always read and understand what information is needed and present it in the correct format. For instance, if you are required to submit a specific number of photos, ensure they are of good quality, of the right size and form.

Attach all relevant and supporting documents requested in the right format. Ensure all the attachments are official and are verified by relevant authorities.

  1. Inadequate language proficiency

Some applications will require you to take language test as proof of eligibility to become a US residence. So if you don’t meet these requirements, it’s a good idea you take advantage of online courses to polish up your skills before sending your application.

  1. Forgetting to sign or signing improperly your application

It is normal to feel anxious when making your application with efforts to make your submissions early, but a simple mistake like forgetting to sign or putting your signature on the wrong place can get your application canceled. Always ensure you have signed all the relevant documents. It won’t hurt to go through the application form several times to make sure everything is in order.

  1. Paying the wrong fees

Visa application fees will differ and you ought to be careful when submitting your fees. Only use the required payment method to avoid any inconveniences. Watch for exchange rates to ensure the fee is paid in full.

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