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NYC Human Rights Commission is Aiding the Mandate

The New York City law that now requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide training against sexual harassment yearly, the 2018 Local Law 96, is getting the attention and the support it needs.


The NYC Department of Human Rights Commission recently published  the requisite online training is in both English and Spanish language, and the agency even added a downloadable certificate of completion  for training. Other resources such as a standardized poster and “model policy” guide are also provided. Follow this link to learn more.


Reviewing the Law Against Vaccination

Some private Jewish NYC schools are beginning to re-read, and interpret what the religious law actually say about vaccination, and  are now prepared to stop recognizing parents exception claim t vaccination. One private Jews Orthodox school reportedly maintains that parents  can still claim exemption, but its school  reserves the right to either offer admission or not.


A Risk Too High for a 65 years Old

A 65 years old man was arrested after his attempted effort to buy iPhone worth of $1100. He was reportedly at a Verizon store under someone else’s account; a driver’s license from New Jersey and a credit with the same name on the ID. He’d been charged for forgery and fraud crimes among others. The questions is, seriously?  At age 65?


Leaders’ Jail Banter

The office of the Bronx Borough President Diaz called out the City officials on ‘where’ and ‘where not’ to build jail. According to his letter to the office of the Mayor, Diaz bashes stating that the City’s jail local jail building plan disregards his community inputs on the precise location that the Proposed jail should be built in the Bronx.

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