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Sexual Assault By Way of ‘Please Help Me’

A man sexually assaulted his victim at Prospect Height in Brooklyn this past Sunday. He was reported to have followed his 27 years old victim into her apartment after asking her for a lighter, which she had gone in to get him.

Suspect is still on the loose. He was wearing a hooded shirt and an Adidas track pant with sneakers when last seen. He’d been described as a Black/Hispanic male.


The US Haitians Stood Up, and Never Look Back

This past Saturday, the Haitian community came together once again to mark the 29th anniversary of the day they fought head on against the hatred sanctioned by a United States agency-the Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In February 1990, the Haitians blood was designated  as especially HIV high risk; a label that did not only disqualify them from donating blood, but that equally carried baggage of shame, degradation, and further  accentuated bigotry and prejudice against Haitian population, Blacks in the diaspora, and immigrants.


Veterans Affordable Housing is Coming to the Bronx.

A nonprofit organization known for helping the homeless  gained a grant to remodel the former Army Reserve Center at 555 Nereid Avenue, Wakefield. The remodeling will turn the existing structure  into 90 units of studio apartments under the City’s affordable housing program.

This is partly a good news for New Yorkers at large considering the state of homelessness in New York City, and the skyrocketing rent that not even the middle class can catch up with anymore.

The NYC homeless veterans will have priority for at least 50 percent of the units.


Michael Blake Says “I’m in” to Everything.

Michael Blake -the politician who began his term as a New York State Assemblyman in 2015, and who contested for the New York City Public Advocate office just this past February – is out again on the run.

Blake reportedly officially announced his interest in running for the New York 15th Congressional office in the US House of Representatives through an email while “in Atlanta Georgia.” He lost to Jumaane Williams two months ago.

While the people might not know him that much on substance,  he’s sure getting known as an ambitious politician who is “in” on everything.


Netflix is Coming to New York for Good, and for Otherwise.

The New York State government has announced that the next home of Netflix is New York.  A deal, that can begin as early as 2020, had been stricken for the film streaming giant to come in and bring “127 jobs”.

The film and creative industry as well as the New York State government stand to benefit while everyday New Yorker might struggle still as the move would not help rent hike, and the usual subway insane crowdedness will only get worse.

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