NYC Local Updates -04/20


NYC Local Updates

Rent is Getting Too Dang High Causing NYC Exodus:

Rent is reportedly growing high in New York City challenging why many people should call it home.


The report of NYC post states that of all New York City five boroughs, only State Island is recording growth.


If this trend continues, only the affluent who don’t particularly plan on making NYC a home would afford to live in the City comfortably.


New York State Isn’t a Good Match for Small Businesses.

The States of New York has been cited by many business and economic researchers as a place not so conducive for small business to thrive.

Report recognizes one key feature- the numbers, and admitted that it’s indeed a lure for any small business that targets a pool of people. It  emphasized, however, a gamut of rules and legislation put in place including the recently effected $15.00 minimum wage, and family leave; and its derivatives.


The biggest of all is “predictive Scheduling” which the New York State Department of Labor reportedly was considering last year. The policy would have secured pay for the employees who are on call- even  if they didn’t eventually make it than to work.


He Wanted to Light Up the Cathedral and Watch it Smoke on Flight!

A Lehman College Professor of Philosophy, Marc Lamparello was arrested at the St. Patrick Cathedral in New York this past Thursday after the police searched him inside the church and found loaded gas containers and lighter.


He reportedly insisted he wasn’t going to leave after all the parishioners had left. His pretense on desperately ‘waiting upon the Lord’ got busted when he was searched, and his arson weaponry were discovered.


Lamparello was said to have booked a flight to Rome for the following day which worth almost $3,000.


To imagine that a calm and “gentle” college professor of Philosophy, a supposedly deep thinker, would conclude taking out the house of God and anyone inside it is to imagine how dangerous anyone around you could be.


A 73 Years Old Woman was Sexually Assaulted in the Bronx

Be careful when you walk on the street, and if possible, take off the ear plugs.


Crime is reportedly on the rise particularly in the Bronx.  A 73 years old woman was sexually assaulted by a man at Fordham Manor area.


More crimes had also been reported.

Be safe.

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