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Better Be Safe than Sorry- An American Airline flight took off and turned back to JFK Airport 15 minutes later.

Flight 300 of American Airlines heading to LA from New York on Wednesday night was reported to have turned back to terminal after about 15 minutes in the air. Pilot suspected a damage shortly after taking off, and decided to pull the trip off. 101 passengers along with 8 flight crew members were reportedly on board.  

A Young Brooklyn Construction guy Died on Duty.

A 23 years old construction worker in Brooklyn was reported dead on Wednesday after falling off the top of a 13th floor story building  at Pierrepont Street.  

Call it Affirmative Actions-

The NYC Public  school students from humble and minority background who slightly miss the score of NYC Ivy league and specialized high schools such as Stuyvesant and Bronx Science will start  getting bumped through an initiative of NYC Mayor called the Discovery Program. About 500 seats are ear-marked for those who meet the program eligibility criteria. Follow this link to read more on the program, and prepare your younger ones if applicable.

Pre-employment Drug Screening is getting banned  in NYC, but there’s got to be Exceptions!

The NYC Council passed the bill to ban NYC employers from conducting drug test of Marijuana before hiring their candidates. This move is well justified since marijuana is now, by and large, legal in most US states. It’s also, however, a move that further cedes control off the hands of employers.

Along with the new minimum wage mandate  of $15.00 per hour in New York, employers can quickly begin to tally up the necessary justification to automate most of their jobs. Walmart, Amazon, FedEx, and a host of others are already rapidly automating their jobs.

Many employers drug-test their potential candidates not only because it’s necessarily related to the jobs they’ll be doing, but also because they need a system of signalling; a process of  gauging whether they are hiring a plum or a lemon.

There are exceptions that this passed bill must confront: 

  1. You can still be drug tested for other drug substances such as cocaine, heroin and their congeners since  those  are unmistakably against the law.
  2. Due to the nature of some jobs, drug testing for marijuana is indispensable. People should definitely expect all forms of drug testing if  they’d be working with vulnerable populations such as children, sick, and in  some  other sensitive positions. 

Shots By Force!

The NYC government is dealing with a serious health emergency in some part of Brooklyn, and one of its tactics is to force residents to vaccinate or risk paying $1,000 fine and/or physical restriction. If you fall within certain zip-code areas that are deemed affected by its health evaluators, you can expect a door-knock anytime. 

City is defending that it’s the only solution to address the spread of this  contagious virus. Some groups are beginning to challenge City’s legal ground for such mandate, but does the vaccination requirements go on hold until the court rules?

Walked-In Confession in the Bronx: How would Miranda Rights Apply?

One 23 years old guy by the name of Felix Rodriguez was reported to have killed his girlfriend inside their Bronx apartment on Tuesday this week. What followed was that he went and self-reported himself at his local precinct. Police found the body of his girlfriend inside their apartment just as he’d explained.  

While the police wishes that every homicide case brought to them looks like this one – statement, confession, arrest, evidence – all in one day, and solved in their office, Rodriguez defense lawyer would be  looking for Miranda in all police paperwork. 

A Subway Pervert is Wanted by the Police!

A 24 years old man was reportedly “touching” himself on number 6 train in Brooklyn. The police has an image of this suspect and seeking anyone who can provide them with leads. 

It’s really not uncommon in NYC Subways, a system that almost 4.5 million people rely on for their daily commute. An accurate number of incidences like this could be difficult since many of these public nuisance behaviors go unreported. Whenever it’s reported, however, as in this case and a few others, it’s important that the public takes it very seriously. The point  isn’t only about quality of life issues. It’s also an effort to prevent serious sexual  offenses. 

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