Nigeria vs. Ghana: Friendly comparison


Ghana and Nigeria share a lot in common. Being that they are from the same region within Africa, they are affected by similar conditions. It is possible to compare the lives of people living in both countries. The comparison can best be made by getting the opinions of Nigerians living in Ghana as well as the Ghanaians residing in Nigeria.

The two countries have people of similar characters. Visitors in any of the states always report that the people are welcoming and comfortable to interact with. The two countries are peaceful, unlike most African countries that experience tribal clashes from time to time. The nature of the people is what has enabled the two countries to co-exist in peace for a long duration.

Both countries are known to be secure apart from the terrorist attacks that take place in Nigeria. Most visitors prefer settling in the two countries as compared to the other states in the region. The foreigners are always sure to get the best interaction from the natives. People from the two countries have similar cultures and some communities even share languages. These are some factors that have enabled them to boast of the peaceful coexistence within their borders.

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Comparing the two countries in terms of development, they have almost the same standard of development. Both of them have manufacturing companies that have offered employment to the natives as well as people from other regions. Nigeria is known for the production of oil while Ghana has a variety of industries within the country. According to recent research projects, the two countries are believed to be among the fastest growing economies in Africa. Ghana has ventured into vehicle manufacturing, an industry that could fetch good income within the African market.

The two countries are among the best commercial centers within Africa. They provide the conditions that businesspeople require to be able to trade. One of the factors that promote trade within the region is the politics of the area. The two countries do not experience political strife like most of the African states. In terms of international trade, they have more exports compared to other African countries.

Both Ghana and Nigeria have similar education systems which are easy for citizens in both countries to be employed in the other country. It is the primary reason why the natives of both countries get employed in the neighboring country.

The two nations usually have a lot in common that it is impossible to talk about one of them without mentioning the other. The natives from either of the states call those from the other country their brothers. This is because they are affected by similar factors, have the same lifestyles and interact with one another from time to time. They borrow policies from one another to keep improving the lives of the people in the region.

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