Kim Kardashian Supports Elephant Cruelty


Kim Kardashian is known for many things — supporting animal cruelty is not one of them.

Well, things are changing pretty fast, and we are beginning to see her other side.

Recently, Kim Kardashian shared some images on her Instagram account. And these pictures didn’t go quite well with her fans.

In the images, she was seen in the sanctuary for elephants.

Maybe she intended to promote the elephant sanctuary, but fans saw another side of the story — Kim is encouraging animal abuse!

In our world where we should be protecting beautiful creatures like the elephant, it’s entirely wrong to see a celebrity doing otherwise.

Here’s the thing, elephants are not designed to carry loads, but in the image below, you’d see a man right on top of the elephant.

Yeah! It may look harmless until you learn that elephants are at risk of developing back injuries when a load is placed on it.

Well, maybe next time, before the celebrity Kim goes on to social media to showcase her latest adventure, she should reconsider the implication of her actions, and how it could affect her brand.

One thing is for sure, animal cruelty is evil, and whoever is seen abusing these creatures that are at the verge of extinction should be cautioned — that includes Kim Kardashian.

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