Immigrants Heritage Week -Video


NYC Mayor Immigrants Heritage Week Reception

In 1984 under the leadership of NYC Mayor Ed Koch, an important office, called Mayor’s Office of Immigrants Affairs was established. One of the primary goals of the office is to support all new arrivals from any part of the world as they settle into NYC. 

Fast forward-

On April 16th 2019, the 109th NYC Mayor together with his office of Immigrants Affairs organized a reception that brought many people out to his Gracie Mansion residence. The event hosted a big community of tribes -with different ethnic backgrounds, languages, faiths, beliefs and culture.  Everyone came together to celebrate the richness, strength and uniqueness of NYC.

Marking  the day further helped to remind people that NYC as well as  the United States of America as a whole is a society of immigrants, and immigrants are vital to its growth, success and future.

Our rising star media mogul and community advocate, Victoria, was there to document the event. Below is the video. Enjoy watching!  

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