How To Work Full-time And Go Back To School As An Adult — Part II


How To Balance Work And School

If you don’t fancy online courses, you can opt for a regular job while working full-time.

The thing is — schooling and working a full-time job is not an easy task. You’d need to set your schedule and stick to it.

Also, support from your friends and family would go a long way to help get through your difficult times.

Yes, it’s going to be stressful and daunting, but you can get through it by applying the steps below.

1. Effective Time Management.

Everything boils down to how well you can manage your time.

Schooling as an adult is not easy — you have to prepare to make sacrifices and eliminate any casual activity that won’t help you make progress in your career and education.

If you’re not a time management pro, you can make up for your lapses by using apps like iStudiez Pro, Week Plan, and Remember the Milk.

These apps are specially designed to schedule your activities, prioritize your events, and help you to get back your time.

Other ways to effectively manage your time are

  • Use an app or a day planner to schedule your activities, so you’d have an organized list of all your school and work activities
  • Prioritize your work. Do you have to study for your tests and exams? Or do you have to concentrate a little more on your job?
  • Respect your time. One way to lose yourself and your time is to get lost in a sea of mindless activities. If you sacrifice your time to please every Tom, Dick, and Harry, then you won’t have much time left for the crucial things in your life. Therefore, if you want to complete your studies without compromising on your day job, then you’ve got to respect your time

2. Effective Communication.

You’d need help at some point. Communicating your school work with your boss can go a long way to help you out.

Informing your boss about your decision to go back to school would help him/her accommodate your lapses in the workplace.

Most bosses are considerate, and they would be happy to support you every step of the way.

Sometimes, your coworkers would come to your aid in times of need.

What’s more, by effectively communicating with your boss, you may easily persuade the boss for some time off. And this would help you focus more on your studies.

One more thing — if you don’t have a flexible job, you should change to a more flexible one that so you could create more time for school.

3. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

Going back to school is not an excuse to live a messy life.

Yes, you’d have little time for a full body workout. But five to ten minutes of daily body exercise can go a long way to help you become fit.

Furthermore, you should get enough sleep at night.


Because a lack of sleep can hurt your productivity, and regular rest is vital for good energy and creativity boost.

Also, you should eliminate junk food from your diet plan and focus more vegetables and other healthy fruits and foodstuffs that could improve your mental and physical well being.

As an adult, going back to school is difficult. And it’s even more challenging if you’re an immigrant with a spouse and kids.

However, a good education is one way of equipping yourself with the necessary skill needed to build a more rewarding future for you and your family.

As you prepare to go back to school, you must learn to manage your time, communicate effectively with people around you, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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