How to Turn Your Setbacks Into Opportunities


Life is hard!

Whether you’re in politics, business, or you’re building a professional career; you’d face disappointments, setbacks, and lots of challenges that would wear you down.

Imagine the disappointment experienced by professional athletes who have put in their all to make the Olympics games, but gets rejected along the way. Or the frustrations experienced by startup founders who had tried every trick in a business book without experiencing much success.

It’s pretty tough! And if you’re not mentally tough, you may give up along the way.

Here’s the thing; hard things are hard. If you genuinely want to build something, be ready to face lots of rejection and setbacks.

There’s no way around it.

The world’s greatest experienced setbacks, but they keep moving.

If there’s one thing the top 1% knows how to do best, is to turn their setbacks into opportunities — and here’s how you can do just that.

1. Don’t Stop Moving

Mindful breathing, staying in tune with your environment, and calming down is one of the best ways of conquering disappointment and failure.

When you’re down, and you’ve got no place to go, keep calm, and perform some soothing activities like swimming.

It’s not the time of going over your to-do list.

2. Reframe Your Circumstance

Your response to setbacks is dependent on the way you frame it in your mind.

Most times, the human mind focuses on the negative, and you’re more likely to focus on your disappointments than on your accomplishment.

By understanding how your mind works, you’d recondition your mind to see your failure as a temporary setback.

3. Re-evaluate Your Goals

Your period of trails are times to re-evaluate your goals. It’s when you reflect to see if your goals fit into your long-term plans.

You need to be flexible. And if your goals don’t align with your plans, then it’s time to change it.

What’s more, you should evaluate the cost-benefit of your goals and also re-strategize on how to be better.

4. Be Creative

One secret ingredient that helps during times of setbacks is to change your routine. Go for a road trip, sign up for the music/photography class, and mix things up.

5. Grow

Turn frustration into growth. Draw inspiration, fresh energy, and turn your challenges into growth.

To grow and attain the level of success you desire, you must master the way you respond to setbacks and challenges of life.

Conclusion — Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities

Whether you’re pursuing your passion, building your career, or casing your dreams, you’d meet setbacks at some points.

What you do during these low times would determine how far you’d go.

Therefore, you should develop a system to help you reframe your circumstances, re-evaluate your goals, and grow.

What system(s) did you use to turn your setbacks into opportunities?

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