How To Quickly Get Citizenship In A Foreign Country — Part II


Living a life of abundance and attaining freedom is possible. And the fastest route to freedom is by getting your second passport.

To get a second passport and become a citizen of a foreign nation, you’ve got to be a heavy investor, a recognized athlete (or artist), or be eligible for a special presidential waiver.

However, if you don’t have a substantial amount of money to invest or you lack special skills/talents that could qualify you for special treatment, you need not to worry as there are other ways of becoming a citizen of a foreign country without breaking the bank.

The process is quite simple — you’ve got to spend a certain number of years in the country of your choice, and after living there for some time, you’d be rewarded with a citizenship badge.


It’s that simple — you won’t shell out much cash, you won’t need any special skills/talents, and you certainly do not need anything else.

All you’ve got to do is to move into the country, live for a certain period, and become a citizen.

Here’s the catch…

In a country like Macedonia, you don’t need to live for a long time. By staying for a year, you’re qualified to become a citizen.

Other countries on this list can offer you a citizenship badge by merely staying for a period of two to three years.

Cool! Isn’t it?

Here’s the list of countries you should consider before dashing off the risky oceans.

1. Russia — Three Years

Russia is one of the best choices for entrepreneurs. Therefore, you’re willing to start a business or move into the country with your existing business; then you’re in for a tasty treat.

By merely paying your taxes, you’d be qualified for Russian citizenship.

No strings attached.

Super easy and straightforward!

On the downside, the Russian passport does not offer access to Europe. You’ve got to work your way out on that one.

If you’re willing to stay for three years, and you have a good business (or about to start a business), then Russia would be the best fit for you.

2. Paraguay — Three Years

Paraguay makes it sound so easy and straightforward that you can get a valid second passport by just staying three years in the country. In fact, the country is one that offers a good deal.

However, the path to a second passport is not as easy as advertised.

Don’t get it mixed up — it’s easy on paper, but not easy in real life.

If you’re a person with a strong belief system, you may try it out. But have it in mind that you may not get in after three years.

3. Uruguay — Three Years

Having an Uruguay passport comes with a twist.

First, you’ve had to show that you’ve got strong ties to the country. It implies that part of your family unit has to be residents of the country and other auxiliary factors like having a doctor and joining a local social club also plays a role.

The thing is, spending three years in Uruguay is not a guarantee that you’d get your passport. The length of time is also dependent on several other factors.

It’s worth giving a try, but your success is not sure.

4. Dominican Republic — Two Years

In theory, if you have a good sum of money to invest, you can get your passport. Also, people with a reliable and steady source of income can qualify for a passport.

However, this is not always the case as you’d have to wait for a more extended period before you’re offered your passport.

All in all, the Dominican Republic is a fairly good country, and it’s worth giving a try.

5. Macedonia — One Year

If you’re a rising entrepreneur and you’re looking for a favorable environment for your business, then Macedonia is arguably your best shot.

The government is efficient, and you’re sure of your citizenship within one year of your stay.

Furthermore, if you can invest at least 400,000 euros into a business or you’ve got a viable plan to start a business in the country, then your path is pretty clear.

Therefore, Macedonia is an ideal fit for business-oriented individuals who are willing to start a business in the country and hire locals.

Other Options?

So far, these are probably your best shot to a second passport. Countries like Argentina and Belgium are good, but you’ve had to stay for five years before becoming a citizen.

Getting a second passport is good. And if you’re looking for an efficient and time-saving way of acquiring a passport, then you should consider any of these five nations.

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