How to land your first job as a fresh International Graduate


Job searching immediately after you have graduated can be a challenging task, especially if you are an international student. This is because most employers don’t understand various cultural differences and visa requirements. For this reason, it is the responsibility of every job-hunter to make sure the employer has all the required information. Note that the job market in the United States differs from your home country, so you need to make sure you are well versed with it.

Before you embark on this noble course of job searching, make sure you know the Visa requirements and regulations. Check the information on relevant sites and make sure you understand all the required thresholds and how they can impact your career building journey. Along the process, you may encounter ups and downs and here are some of the challenges you may encounter.

Hardships international students experience while hunting for jobs

While job searching is difficult, the process tends to be harder and frustrating for international students. In most cases, recruiters tend to be hesitant to employ international graduates.  Here are some of the common reasons as to why:

  • Fear that international students may have poor English skills
  • Complications and lack of enough information regarding visa
  • Employing international learners can be costly and time-consuming
  • Most employers fear that the new workers may leave the job after a while

While these insights might be fair or unfair, most employers will avoid employing international students and choose US students. However, don’t despair since there are some firms in the united states that are willing to offer international student jobs. Therefore, you might be lucky enough to land your dream job.

Tips for Job searching as an international student

Plan early

Research has shown that the US is one of the most expensive states to live in. This means that if you do not start the job hunting early, you will incur more expenses which can be emotionally draining especially if you do not have enough financial support or a source of income.

And just like any other fresh graduate looking for a job, it is highly recommended to get the ball rolling as early as possible.

Do a thorough research

Remember you are in a foreign country and things may differ from your home country. Be well informed of what it takes to work in the US. In this case, ensure you know the type of visa required, various possibilities, cutoff date, and potential expenses. Being familiar with this stuff will help you gain confidence and do everything right when applying for the job.

 Career service department in your school could help

A recent student has revealed that less than 30 % benefit from their university’s career department. In most cases, the career office will connect the students with alums who work in their field of interest and help them secure a job. While the career department can assist you to craft a professional resume and cover letter, and prepare you for a job interview, the greatest resource is the alumni database.

Most institutions provide career services and they have the best experience in assisting international students to get employment in the US once they have graduated. Take this opportunity and schedule a meeting with a career instructor and get advice about your future goals and current situation. Make sure you participate in career fairs and interact with employers and establish good relationships. Do not stop there, ensure you do a follow up to check on any potential interview.

Joining professional career development organizations and Networking

Joining a professional development or career-related organization can help you secure employment easily. These groups will connect you with a well-known professional in the area of your expertise. Furthermore, this is the best way to make the mentoring connection and establish a relationship that will be useful in the future.

Almost 75% of employment is created through solid connections. Be close to your institution’s community and interact with alumni organizations who have passed through the same procedure. Establish a strong relationship with your lectures or even your American friends’ parents.

Final word

To make the job-hunting process easier, create social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, connect with employers on these platforms. For instance, you can join in various twitter discussion that touches your career path and shows some interest. This way, you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with different employers.







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