How to Flee the Demons of Subconscious Mind


What goes into your mind determines your future.

The web and the physical world are saturated with toxic information. Some of which may have settled into your mind. But after reading this article, you will be armed with the knowledge to conquer and flee the demons of the subconscious mind. Dr. Myle Munroe, an avid gospel preacher now late, teaches the control of the conscious and subconscious mind. And we will be referencing his teaching.
A decade ago, Jew, Joel, and Jude lived in the same neighborhood. They shared a few things in common but were different over a wide spectrum. Joel is the mediator between Jew and Jude. Whenever Jew goes on adventures, he returns and shares his experience with Joel. Often Joel finds these experiences emotionally satisfying, so he relays them to Jude. When Jude perceives it, he immediately disapproves because the information is unworthy. But with persistent persuasion from Joel, Jude receives it. Conversely, when Jude wants to execute an action, he tells Joel, and Joel, in return, tells Jew what to do. But Jew mostly declines despite knowing it is the right thing to do.
Let’s bring it home.
The body, soul, and spirit operate like Jew, Joel, and Jude. The body always wants to do what it wants, even when the spirit is against it. For instance, the spirit says the information I got from the body is unholy, and the soul says that’s what the body gave me. You must understand that the spirit cannot give the soul what the body didn’t receive. It’s a garbage-in, garbage-out effect. “Faith comes by hearing, hearing through the word of God, Roman 10:17”. You hear through the body, and when the body hears something, the soul absorbs it, believes it, and gives it to the spirit. The spirit then receives and conceives it. However, if you have the spirit of God, it will disagree with the rebellious spirit.
The subconscious mind is the center of the soul. It is the heart and will of man. Whether you will have a fulfilling future is subject to your mind. This is why you should carefully curate what you see, listen to, read, and places you go to. Because these actions slowly settle in your subconscious mind.
“You are a total of the choices you make daily,” Dr. Myler Munroe.
As a believer, if you still struggle with certain addictions despite being born again, chances are you are entertaining certain activities in your subconscious mind. Watch dirty movies, read dark books, and listen to ungodly songs enough times, and it becomes emotionally appealing to the soul. And what goes into your subconscious starts from the conscious.
“When you fail to control what’s in your conscious mind, it slowly settles and becomes permanent in your subconscious mind. The mind is the center of thought and holds the key to life.” Dr. Myler Munroe
How do you revive a computer that is corrupted by a virus?
the subconscious mind
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Sometimes, you may have to go for a new computer or install a new program. Imagine you want to quit smoking, and you say to yourself, “I want to quit smoking” while that is good, it is not enough. Why? Because the problem of smoking is still stuck with you. Like installing a new program on your computer, the Holy Ghost is God’s program for your life, and His word is the substance you need. When you keep hearing the word of God consistently, it drowns whatever toxic information or addiction your subconscious mind must have absorbed for years.
Bottom line
Proverbs 23: 7 says, “as a man thinketh so is he” What you allow in your mind and your life ultimately determines what becomes of you. You are a product of your subconscious mind. Guide your body, soul, and spirit, and you can wager against every demon in your mind.
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