How to Build a Happy Marriage — 6 Tips From Experts


Nearly 50% of all married couples in the United States are divorced. And the numbers seem to increase every year.

Marriage, divorce, and any form of separation in a committed relationship can be a matter of life and death. According to reports, couples who feel that their marriage is good tend to live longer than their peers.

In the 2009 Berkshire annual meeting, Warren Buffet advised his shareholders to marry the right person.

You see, marriage isn’t just some generic ceremony. It’s much more than that — and it could cause a significant difference in your life.

The thing is; building a happy marriage is not a walk in the park. To get the job done, you must roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Here’s how to build a happy marriage.

  1. Eliminate Criticism

For the record, it’s quite okay to make complaints every now and then. And corrections are great ways of putting things straight in the relationship.

Criticism, however, is a destructive way of asserting control and voicing your opinions.

No one loves destructive criticism!

Criticism dismantles the whole being of your partner, and it also works as an attack to the core personality/character of your partner.

2. Speak Positively

A good marriage is built on the climate of positively. Learn to deposit on the emotional banks of your partner by speaking positive words.

3. Be Playful

Social interactions with your partner and team sports are great ways to boost longevity. Ideally, having a great time together by playing team sports like tennis with your partner would strengthen your bond.

Also, incorporating play dates into your exercise regimen are quite useful.

4. Argue Objectively

Arguing objectively may be quite tricky. One way to go about it is by inviting a trusted third-party during an escalated argument.

The third-party would bring in a unique perspective. This strategy is an excellent way of lowering the chances of escalating the argument.

5. Seek More Excitement and Adventure Together

At some in your marriage journey, things may slow down and become less fun.

To rekindle the love and excitement, you should seek out for exciting ways of doing things together.

Simple things like having a ballroom dance together could make all the difference. And these fun-filled activities has lots of benefits.

Couples who have some fun together tend to have higher sexual satisfaction and derive more fulfillment from their relationship.

6. Remember Your Funny Moments

Remembering your funny moments are excellent ways of boosting your relationship experience.

Couples who reminisce on their fun moments more often always stay together.

Conclusion — Build a Happy Marriage The Right Way

Building a healthier and more fulfilling marriage is quite easy; all you’ve got to do is eliminate criticism, be playful, argue objectively, and speak positively.

Also, you can take it a step further by remembering your funny moments and seeking more adventure and excitement together.

Is your marriage lacking in any way? What steps would you take to rekindle the excitement and build a better marriage?

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