How to Break Out of Negative Thinking in 30 Seconds


You’ve just got off the conference room with some investors — they’re not interested in investing in your business, and you’ve received the cold “No, thank you” response.

You’ve reached out to over fifteen investors. None seems to be interested, and you’re getting more frustrated every single day.

So, what’s your typical response in these situations?

If you’re like most people, you’d probably focus on the negative.

The human mind is wired to focus on the negative. And building a positive mindset requires grit and conscious rewiring of your brain.

Here’s the thing; it’s much easier to get flooded with lots of negative thoughts. Neuroscientists call it negativity bias, and this trait has helped the human species survive the hard blows of evolution.

In our world today, this negativity bias kicks in when we experience challenging situations like getting rejected or reading a bad email. It heightens our stress level and makes us focus on potential threats instead of the big picture.

When you lose a client or a relationship, your brain tends to focus more on the negative and neglect all the good things you’ve accomplished in life.

How to Rewire Your Thinking Habit

The brain can be rewired using three words — Notice-Shift-Rewire.

Here’s how it’s done…

1. Notice the Negativity Bias

The first step is pretty simple — notice when you fall into the negative thinking pattern. Be more aware of your thinking pattern and habits.

Stop yourself from slipping into fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

2. Shift to Gratitude

Noticing the negativity bias gives way for the creation of new neural pathways. But when you shift to gratitude moments, you’d fill the space with more productive thoughts.

One way of doing just that is by focusing on one thing you’re grateful for — Your spouse, your home, your kids, your goals, your business, or well being.

Focus on the positives to refill your ambitions.

3. Rewire the Brain

This is where you get to roll up your sleeves and get to work. An excellent way to start rewiring your brain is by using the act of savoring technique.

The technique helps you to transform your ordinary habits of focusing on the negative into a more productive one.

In less than 30 seconds, you’d be able to rewire your brain and build your inner self to be more focused and efficient.

Remember your purpose, face each new challenge with renewed optimism and drive.

Keep practicing the technique and watch yourself build a better thinking pattern.

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