Homeless Shelters in NYC that immigrants can take advantage of


As an immigrant living in the City of New York, it is a fact that one will start by earning a low income upon arrival. Because NYC is the 13th most expensive City in the world to live, and the number one most expensive city to live in the whole of US, earning a low income and being an immigrant, oftentimes without access to your existing social capital, is a quick mix to become homeless. An immigrant is susceptible to all of the  circumstances that create homelessness: health, safety, economic, and natural disasters.  When homelessness become a reality, there are shelters to go.

Three Classifications of Shelter-

There are 3 known classifications of shelter largely based on needs. They are temporary, transitional and permanent.  The City highly recommends that everyone seeking shelter first report to a central location in the Bronx called PATH. All administrative processing and matching are done for shelter applicants at this place. It’s advisable to reach out to a charity organization in your community that might be able to guide you and provide necessary emotional support needed at this time.

When reporting to PATH, pack some blankets and other quick hygiene needs along. If you are going with kids, pack some healthy food along for them should they need alternatives to what will be provided at PATH. In addition, be mentally prepared. You’ll be faced with the usual government bureaucracy and the processing might delay unreasonably.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and not sure where to go, a charity organization in your community might be a good place to begin your outreach. You can also contact USAIG, this online resource, for support : immigrantsgist@gmail.com.

Below, we’ve unveiled a list of some of the homeless shelters in NYC you can consider. Keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive. Take a look!

  1. Bowery Mission

Bowery mission is an organization which aims at helping poor people within New York City who are hungry and homeless. If you earn a low income or maybe don’t have a job, you can reach out to Bowery for assistance.

  1. New York Cares

Every New Yorker has the right to have access to basic need like better housing, and this is where New York care comes in for your rescue. The organization is dedicated to offering shelter to homeless families.

  1. Home for homeless

As the name suggests, home for the homeless is an organization which aims at providing shelter for children and poverty-stricken families. Through its programs, the organization gives emotional, physical, social and mental development support for kids. Its programs are also open for people living within the neighborhood regardless of their housing status.

4.  Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter

For over 35 years now, Neighborhood coalition has offered housing solutions to both young and single adults. Aside from providing shelter, the organization also offers vocational training, job placements, counseling, treatment, education and crisis intervention.

  1. Camba homeless shelter

Since 1977 Camba homeless shelter has been helping families who have unstable housing, those who suffer from domestic violence, who have insufficient job skills, people living with Aids and suffering from language barrier through their holistic programs with the aim to better their lives.

About half of Camba clients are refugees and immigrants from across the world.

6. Peter Young Residence Homeless Shelter

Peter Young Shelter focuses on providing shelter for individuals who are battling with drug abuse and alcohol addiction within New York. Their programs are tailored to educate and help addicts recover and realize their purpose in society.

7. Nazareth Housing

Nazareth Housing is a New York organization aimed at transforming lives of low-income families and individuals by providing shelter and bettering their lives.

8. Project Renewal

For more than 50 years project renewal has helped families in New York renew their hope again by offering permanent housing, quality health care and jobs for needy families to better their lives. The organization through its programs is dedicated to helping not only people living in NYC but also across the nation.

9. Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York

For over 100 years Catholic Charities has been feeding the homeless and providing temporary shelter for less fortunate individuals and families in NYC. In case you may be looking for an emergency or temporary place to live then Catholic Charities is the go-to site.

10.   Amber hall

Help families, youths, homeless individuals and low-income earners to better their lives. People battling with chronic illnesses have also benefited from the program. Through Lantern program, the organization has given many New Yorkers hopes by providing permanent and affordable housing. In case you may be looking for affordable housing then Amber hall could be the end of your rental woes.

11.   Peace House

Peace House is located in New York, and for over 22 years, the place had been a home of many women who are victims of domestic violence. If you are a domestic violence survivor and probably looking for supportive services then Peace House is the go-to place.

12.   Caring for the Hungry and Homeless of Peekskill CHHOP

Caring for the hungry and homeless is an organization dedicated to transforming lives for survivors of domestic violence, homeless families, and low-income families by providing both temporary and permanent housing, food and health care services. Their programs aim at giving hope for the hopeless by training and educating victims through their support programs.


Getting affordable housing in NYC can be a daunting task especially if you are a low-income earner or have no money. However, though homeless shelters offer a solution, each of these organizations have rules and do not just admit anyone without meeting the organizations thresholds. Some of these organizations offer housing for free while other do it at a small fee. Ensure you have visited the official website for more information.






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