Eddie’s Place African Market

Eddie’s Place African Market

Eddie’s Place African Market is a nationally acclaimed store for all African goods. We carry all produce and ship to anywhere in the United States. Call or stop by our flagship store at 5 E167th Street in the Bronx. You can also shop online and your items will be delivered right to your door. Just click our website link to your right for more details. Our Wholesale Warehouse address is 301 Halleck Street, Bronx, New York.

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Eddie’s Place African Market brings traditional food from Ghana to the Bronx. News 12 is told that Eddie’s Place has been in the Highbridge neighborhood for the past 30 years. Many customers call it a staple in the community. The market has made several changes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The owners say they set up plastic barriers between the cashiers and customers. They also require face masks and hand them out to customers who need them.

Eddie’s Place African Market only closed for one day since the start of the pandemic because of looting in the area. Owner Kristopher Afum says he and his sister who run the store together posted pictures of dozens of victims of police brutality on their gate in hopes of keeping looters away. “I felt that if a looter were to come and see that, they would know that they are affecting their own community, and it would be a loss for all of us,” said Afum. Afum says that he now has high hopes for the future. He says he hopes to “open up a few more stores, similar to this in different communities that don’t have the access to natural imported food.”

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